Gaming Can Be a Healthy Way for Kids to Connect

The media gives gaming and technology a bad rap, with stories frequently citing the fact that most American kids spend more than the recommended number of hours online. Stopping your children from playing games altogether, however, could be tantamount to “throwing the baby out with the bathwater,” since games are an important means through which … Read more →

The ABCs of Coding: Be Familiar with the Most Useful Skill You Can Teach Your Kids

With the society becoming more and more digital, the demand for our coming generations to know coding is vital. Usually defined as the writing and reading of tomorrow, coding has been a newly introduced as a new subject for the educational program. As technology persists in advancing and becoming more forward-looking, the demand for people … Read more →

Top 5 Technology Gifts For Your Kids In 2017

The month of December has started, and Christmas is quickly approaching. Of course, Christmas is a time to give and take, but one should know exactly what to give, especially if the gift is being picked for kids. First of all, research thoroughly what your child likes the most. As technology is always one of … Read more →

7 Top Ranking Educational Apps for Kids

Modern technology has greatly influenced the education sector. Teaching methods are now highly optimized using technology while research is now easier than ever. From Google to YouTube explainer videos, the learning resources online are immense. As a parent, you also need to leverage technology to help your kid grow. There are many educational apps which … Read more →