How children benefit from playing video games

Nowadays video games have become quite popular, I remember when I was young ( I’m 27 years old ) video games weren’t very popular, I can’t even count the number of times people said I was a “nerd or a “geek,” but that did not stop me from gaming. Today video games bring people together, everyone plays them, whether people play them for fun, for the competition or even has their job, yes you read that correctly, their job.

As a new parent, it is always scary to think of your child playing video games for several hours a day. In fact, technology is becoming a big part of children’s education, and I believe it will continue to evolve in that direction. Leading to that, video games will be a part of that too, has your children can benefit from playing video games, hence the reason for this article. Of course, as a parent, your role will be to supervise what kind of games and how much time your kids spend on video games, has too much is not necessary good.

1- Developing logic and problem solving

Playing video games will help your child development their brains in a “logic” kind of way. In a lot of modern video games, you can find puzzle solving or decision making, which leads to using your brain to solve the problem to advance in the game. Some video games required you to think outside of the box to solve puzzles or riddles. Another great way to develop a children’s brain is with creativity. You can find a lot of that in modern gaming. When you create your character before starting the game, you know the games where you spend one hour creating your char, I remember in my time it took me five minutes to customize one, we didn’t have half the options the kids have today.

2- Increasing their social skills

Video games nowadays are often played online with other people, multiplayer games as they call them. In these games, you can communicate with people to win the match. There are two main ways of communicating. One is by typing to others, which is not the best way as it might make you miss something important going on in your online match. The other way, my favorite, is by speech. You can use a multitude of different software such as SkypeDiscordTeamSpeak and much more. Some of the more recent video games even offer an in-game voice chat, which is great because you won’t have to download one of the apps I mentioned above.

Unfortunately, as these are great methods to increase your children’s social skill, it can be bad sometimes. By that I mean people saying not so nice things, insulting each other and much more. As I would say, it’s a double-edged sword. So it might require a little bit of supervision.

3- Enhances memory

Often in video games, as a player, you have an obligation to read or listen to particular instructions so you can advance and complete the game. Particularly in a roleplaying game, also known as RPGS, these types of games require quite a bit of memory has sometimes an NPC gives you direction or a password to remember for a later part of the game. As a parent, it’s a good idea to introduce different types of video games to your children so they can explore and have a better gaming memory experience.

4- Increase dexterity / Multitasking skills

This applies to certain video games such as action games, FPS games, and MOBA. Games where you need to control your character, but you also need to pay attention to many other factors. I’ll use an FPS game as an example. In those games, you need to pay attention to multiple things, your health bar, your ammunition bar, enemy positioning, the map design and much more. All of those factors are vital in winning your match. In addition to paying attention to all those things, you need to use both your hands to control your character which after multiple hours will enhance your kids multitasking skills and enhance their dexterity.

5- Reduces stress level

It might seem odd to talk about kids and stress, but believe me, some kids have stress. Depending on which video game they play, it can relax them and make them think about something else, which will lead to reducing their stress level. Plus it may improve their mood and reduce anxiety level. As a parent you want the best for you children, you could even play video games with them to reduce your stress level and improve your relationship with them.


Video games are so present in our era that our children will at least try them once in their lifetime. As a parent, I can understand other parents not liking their kids playing video games. I hope this article has given you a new vision on the subject, as video games are getting more and more popular each year. I’ve only listed five of the many benefits they can offer. Like anything in life you will need to check them in case they go overboard with the hours they spend on video games, but that’s another subject.

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Guest article written by: Hello, my name is Giovanni. I am a big fan of video games. I’ve been playing them since I’m a little boy. I’m 27 years old today and still in love with them. My latest project, Expose Gaming, helps all gamers out there to find the best possible gear without spending a fortune.

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