Top 5 Technology Gifts For Your Kids In 2017

kid-ps3The month of December has started, and Christmas is quickly approaching. Of course, Christmas is a time to give and take, but one should know exactly what to give, especially if the gift is being picked for kids.

First of all, research thoroughly what your child likes the most. As technology is always one of the biggest sellers at Christmas time and manufacturers are well aware of this. These days, almost every child loves gadgets, so what if this Christmas you present a tech gift for your kid?

Here is the list of technology gifts that might be your kids’ wish for Christmas 2017. So, let’s check it out…

Bose QC35 Wireless Headphones: Is your kid a music lover? Then, trust me, nothing better than gifting this wireless headphones. The QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones by Bose features a sleek design, long battery life, and the best noise canceling technology which is good for your kid’s ears. These wireless headphones deliver the outstanding tuned sound.

Fire HD 8 Android tablet: Fire HD 8 Android tablet was recently launched by Amazon, comes in the classification of best tech gifts for the children. It is the best gift for all the kids who haven’t experienced working on a tablet. Its design is superb, which includes an 8-inches HD display, lightweight body and a smart processor for speedier processing. To enjoy all this, you just need to create a prime account on Amazon.

Anki Cozmo: No doubt, toys are the best friends for many of the kids. Therefore, Anki Cozmo is the thing which is not exactly a toy, but the closest thing to a toy that really tries to fit that picture. It’s a little robot with an adaptive AI baked in that learns from playing games with you. Those learning sessions cause it to gradually construct an identity in view of your interactions with it, without doubt making a personalized Cozmo that tries to outsmart you in a match four games and comes to your side when you need a friend.

Apple Watch Series 2: If your child is an iPhone lover, then the Apple Watch Series 2 is the best choice. Yes, this Apple watch appears to be like its antecedent. But, overall this watch flaunts to be better in details and design. The Apple Watch Series 2 includes a waterproof feature, outfitted with GPS and have a brilliant display that is noticeable even under the direct sunlight.

Microsoft Xbox One S Gaming Console: It is the top tech blessing that is sold by Microsoft for both gamers and individuals, who love to put the amazing home amusement. With the adding up to being slimmer and better looking than Xbox One, the gaming console even has an updated hardware. The Xbox One S permits you to play 4k video and also show HDR content.


So, above mentioned are the tech gifts for all age kids. After reading the article, if you get any related query regarding the tech gift, don’t forget to hit the comment box.

Guest article written by: Lim Chuwei is creative blog writer & director at ChampionTutor. ChamapionTutor is Singapore’s leading online stop for all education needs with more than 10 yrs of experience in home tutor service. Lim Chuwei  has been in this industry for the last 15 years and have vast knowledge of major learning application. Connect Lim on GooglePlus.

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