7 Top Ranking Educational Apps for Kids

by Emily on September 20, 2016

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computer-desktop-educationModern technology has greatly influenced the education sector. Teaching methods are now highly optimized using technology while research is now easier than ever. From Google to YouTube explainer videos, the learning resources online are immense. As a parent, you also need to leverage technology to help your kid grow. There are many educational apps which can help your kid excel in the classroom. The Apple App Store boasts over 56 million apps for kids while Google’s Play Store features over 16 million similar apps.

1. Elmo Loves 123

This is a cool counting app for kids which also features addition and subtraction quizzes. It is an interactive platform which goes beyond math to other puzzles, coloring pages, and much more. Your kids will definitely enjoy their flurry friends Elmo and Abby Cadabby as they guide them along the way on a learning journey. This app is best for kids below 5 years and it is available oniOS for $2.99.

2. Bugs and Buttons

Created by Little Bit Studio, LLC and available on iTunes, Bugs and Buttons has been rated highly among educational apps across the world. There are 18 mini-games for learners to unlock to help their imagination loose and there is a lot of fun as your kid plays with ladybugs, butterflies and other crawlies. There are lots of optimizations and surprises along the way.

3. Kids Puzzles Puzzingo

This is a product of 77Sparx Studio, Inc. and it’s perfect for kids who want to experience the beauty of Treasure Island and learn while at it. There is a puzzle pack to improve mental sharpness and the interactive platform will keep your kid totally absorbed.

4. Kindergarten Readiness

This is perfect for kids who are getting ready for school. This app by Family Education is ideal for kids above 4 years and goes for $1.99 for iOS devices.

5. Heidi on the Alp

Heidi apps are popular in the educational circles and for many good reasons. The reviews on Heidi on the Alp are also great with the two reading levels helping readers build up. The interactive platform and supportive features also give the app a more authentic feel and readers will get a bigger picture just going through the features.

6. Disney Story Central

Worried about bedtime stories? You need not to because Disney Story Central has it all for you. Of course your kid loves Disney cartoons and what better way to get them to bet than by giving a dose of the same fun as they go to bed. These e-books have redefined bedtime stories and the more your kid reads the more points and fun they find from the app.

7. SmileTutor

This is the perfect tutor search platform and you can get the right tutor for your kid in minutes. Once you select the request form there will be a recommendations for the right tutor in your neighborhood in 24 hours. SmileTutor boasts over 10,000 active tutors making it the ultimate home tuition platform.

Go on and pick one of these learning tools and let your kid leverage the benefits of technology.

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