Popular Types of Video Games

Video games these days have surely reached a whole new level compared to its early beginnings.  The first video game ever was Pong, released in 1958. Due to the limitations of technology at that time, all they could project was a moving blob that served as the ball, and two scrolling planks that served as paddles or racquets for hitting the ball.  Nevertheless, it was this creation that would pave the way to a multi-billion-dollar business.

Pong will seem boring for most people these days.  However, through the years since its creation, certain advancements in technology have led to the development as well as improvement of different types of games that will cater to the likes and preferences of every individual.  In fact, even slot machines that are normally found in casinos have been turned into entertaining video games such as those found in Megareel.

Here is a shortlist of the popular Types of Video Games.

Platform Games – their gameplay is primarily centered on navigating through the character’s environment, jumping, running, and trying to solve certain puzzles to progress through the game.  

Shooter Games – simple to complex shooter games use a range of weapons to progress through to complete their objective.  Some shooter games are violent in nature whereas some are not. Basically, the perspective of a shooter game is to go through different stages or missions and shooting enemies when needed.  Oftentimes, choosing the right weapon for the job is essential.  

Stealth Games – this is similar to some shooter games, but the emphasis is more on stealth.  While players may choose a firefight with guns blazing, there are instances where they are penalized for it.  Sneaking is the way to go for stealth games.  

Survival Games – the setup for these games is usually an open hostile environment where players start with barely any essentials and resources in their possession.  One of the requirements of the game is collecting weapons and resources to keep the played character alive. These games easily overlap with survival horror type games.

Fighting Games – the setting is two fighters pitted against each other using different fighting styles, weapons, and techniques.  Based mostly on a variety of martial arts, the aim is to defeat the opponent with a variety of moves. Knowing your character’s moves is essential and an advantage.  This is one of those games you get better with practice.

Racing Games – this fall under vehicle simulation games and has become a big part of the gaming industry.  Advances in graphics and computing power have led to the development of near-realistic scenes and environments where the player races their vehicle.  There are different objectives in racing games. However, what makes them all similar is that you always have to be the fastest.

Role-playing Games – evolving from structured tabletop game Dungeons & Dragons, RPGs focus more on story and adventure rather than action.  The game usually incorporates a quest and a process to develop the character through better weapons and experiences attained.  This allows them to fight stronger foes at the further end of the adventure.

Sports Games – these are controllable versions of the sports they represent.  Although they may look and feel like the sports you watch on TV, they are purely for entertainment purposes and will not allow you to develop the skills needed to excel in those games.  Pong is a sports game as it has been derived from ping pong or table tennis.

Strategy Games – these simulate certain elements to create a sense of realism for the player.  Whether turn-based or real-time, strategy games give you control over situations to win or achieve certain objectives.  Chess is a type of strategy/sports/board game that allows you to get better with practice.

Puzzle Games – these games offer a test of one’s logic as well as ingenuity or knowledge on different subjects.  These can be crossword puzzles, number puzzles, logic puzzles, relational puzzles, or word-search puzzles.  From mechanical ones to that of physics, some puzzles are creatively aimed to test your wit.

There are many other types of games aside from the ones mentioned above, with some being a hybrid of two or several types.  Although one may play all these types of games, they will usually favor or prefer a certain type of game. Fortunately for us, these days, there are certainly a huge number of game types to choose from.

What about you – which video games are your favorite?

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  1. Besides tech and home theater, I’m an avid gamer myself, and love all kinds of genres. Games have only been getting better so it’s really exciting to see where they’ll go from here. What are some of your favorites?


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