Nintendo Switch 2 may Launch in 2024

The Nintendo Switch is one of Nintendo’s bestselling consoles.  In fact, it now ranks 3rd as bestselling consoles in the world, behind only with the Sony PlayStation 2 and the Nintendo DS respectively. Released in 2017, the Switch has managed to gain a sale of over 125 million units worldwide. It is loved by many for its versatility as users can play it as a handheld or in docked mode.

Although the Switch has a lot of gaming fans, it is actually avoided by hardcore gamers due to its lack of AAA games. This is mainly due to the consoles’ lack of processing and graphics power that makers of such games do not to develop their games for the console. However, this may change with the coming of Switch 2 which has been tipped for launch in 2024. Although Nintendo has not acknowledged any of the rumored specs of the new consoled, it is without doubt that it would come with better power output, including 4K and an OLED display.

If there is one thing that Nintendo needs to fix with their upcoming console will be their Joy-Con controllers. Although versatile, they wear out easily leading to some drift issues. It is likely that many Switch users are looking for a better or upgraded version of their Joy-Con with the Switch 2.

The Switch 2 is not yet the official name of the upcoming console as it is merely a coined term of many game publications. Nevertheless, a successor to Nintendo’s successful gaming console is a no-brainer. While Nintendo may come up with a new name for the console, changing the successful formula of the Switch is simply something they should not mess with.