Why Browser-Based Casual Games Are Still Popular

Mobile apps have been with us for over a decade now and are definitely a very popular way for people to play casual, fun games that can help pass the time and provide a small dose of challenge. As you might expect, a lot of people who previously played browser-based games have now switched to their mobile equivalents just for the convenience of playing with a touch screen and being able to play on the go when they need a distraction, for example, while waiting for something or while using public transport. However, the popularity of websites with fun, varied browser-based Flash games like Big Samo have shown that browser-based casual games are far from dead in the mobile age.

Here are some of the reasons why this style of game is still popular and is worth developers’ time.

A Break At Your Desk

One situation where people tend to choose to play a browser-based game rather than an app on their phone is when they just want to take a small five-minute break from work, and just want something relaxing to do with that time without having to leave their desk or start up a program on their mobile device. Because of the nature of casual games, you can spend as little or as much time playing them as you want, so when a quick break is all you need, they can be ideal. There is often less effort involved in finding and starting up a browser-based game when you’re already on your computer than there is in playing something new on your mobile.

Settling in For a Session

Another reason why people like browser-based games is actually the opposite. Sometimes, people want to play a game for a more prolonged period, and when they do this on their computer, they don’t have to worry about battery life. They can also settle in comfortably at their desk for a long session. Because there is such variety in terms of the type of games that can be played through the browser, there are games designed for both very quick sessions and for players to get addicted to and play for longer.

Loads of Options Without Installing

The third reason why a lot of people still choose browser-based games is that they can try all kinds of new games without having to install apps and manage their disk space. Because browser games can be launched immediately, there is nothing lost, not even time, if you don’t enjoy a given game – you can simply launch another one without having to worry about deleting an app or installing a new one. There are thousands of games available and so this gives players plenty of opportunities to sample games in different genres without using up any memory space.
While apps have given us so many new ways to enjoy playing casual video games, there is still a lot to be said for playing Flash-style games online on a desktop or laptop. With so many available from classic console games through to newly developed games, there is something for everyone and virtually no barrier to entry.

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