Video Games Boosting Empathy in Students

We know that technology has put its magical stick in every field. And it is really brought so many changes in life and has made our life easy and interesting. So many applications are developed which are used by the present generation and new generations. Mainly students are influenced by video games. So many video games are uploaded and developed on the internet which can be easily downloaded and children’s like to play it. Some research shows that playing video games boost empathy in kids. In every game, there will be a fighter against challenges which at some point loses its power and dies. Video games are all related t challenges where one wins and one looses. So research says that while playing video games if one is losing every time then the child will start feeling empathy towards that particular loser. Such a feeling will develop emotional feelings in a child.

        Empathy is the first emotion in a child which develops through video games which will be applied in real life. The empathy will turn into helping hand to others in real life. We always stop our child in playing video games because we think that it will affect our children’s mind and will affect negatively to their health but at the same time it helps to develop some kind of positive feeling in a child which the present humans lack from. Some will affect our health and harm our health but there are some video games which brings positivity in an individual’s life. A child can be trained in certain emotions and it can be applied and used in real life. In an academic life, there will be so many peer task where we must be emotionally fit and help our partner some students have that quality but some don’t have so they can be trained and through video game they will be able to attain such basic emotions which are important in a human being.

                 Games are an imaginative concept in which another person will be a human being like everyone and facing so many challenges which lead to empathy in a player. So whenever a personal struggle in real life he will try to helps that person because of empathy and the emotion connected to that person. So such games are really good for training emotions and will help to bring so many positive qualities which are really needed in a human being.

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