Mobile E-Commerce App Strategy Explained In Brief

Do you think it is easy to launch a mobile ecommerce app and expect it to smash hit the Google or Apple play store? Probably not especially in this world of cutthroat competition! The realm of digital marketing is ever evolving and so should we. The following post emphasizes on how one should strategize to come up with a kickass mobile ecommerce app.

Mobile Apps over Mobile Websites 

With the dawn of mobile apps, I think most of us have started taking websites for granted to a certain extent. And I’d like to provide some justifications as to why mobile apps are replacing mobile websites. First and foremost, apps, in general, make things easier for users to do what needs to be done in comparison to a mobile web browser or even on the desktop. Second, features like cameras, GPS and Bluetooth can be utilized via an app pretty quickly. Moreover, mobile apps have made procedures hassle-less automatic, especially with checkout and payments. Third, apps tend to load quickly and can be used offline.

Overall, integrating mobile apps in the ecommerce industry can help you to come up with something which is far beyond the ordinary. Apart from this, technology has succeeded in changing the way people shop. Gone are the days when one required to dress up and drive to the shop and the worst part was to come home empty-handed because you couldn’t find what you needed. Today you need to open the app while staying in your pajamas and find what’s needed.

Further below I would like to mention a few ways that can guide you well in boosting conversions of your ecommerce mobile app.

#1 Simplify everything– Do you what could turn off your potential user. It’s when an app cause problems like sluggish performance and frequent ANRs (App Not Responding). Create a mobile ecommerce app that is simple regarding use. For example—Starbucks recently launched a mobile payment method that aids customers to pay. All they require is a barcode on the selected smartphone model which needs to be scanned at the Point of Sale.

#2 it’s all about experience– Demand for experienced mobile app development capability has never been higher as now. Businesses it’s high time to gear up with an ever-growing backlog of projects. Let’s take an example of Pizza, for instance; users now can place orders via their mobile devices and track the lip-smacking pizzas.

Another interesting example is Uber, where users can see their booked vehicles coming towards them. 

#3 Relevant metrics– There are times when you might feel tempted to measure the success of your mobile ecommerce app of course considering the sheer number of downloads. But have you realized the fact that users tend to delete those apps within three months of installation? So what you should be doing is focus well on tracking conversions and sentiments of the buyer. Any analytic tool or social media can help you with this.

#4 Test, Test, and Test- Mobile ecommerce strategy is all about offering an excellent mobile user experience. This means your app requires to be tested every now and then. As soon as your app development procedure completes, make sure you create an app that quickly and smoothly downloads to several devices. After this, make sure to test the app on every device and operating system. A device emulator, or a real device cloud or even automate your testing could save time and money.

#5 App as a marketing channel– As the name implies, a mobile app can act as an effective marketing campaign. Ask your users to sign up, and they will soon have a subscriber list that you can use for your marketing campaigns. Push notifications is another exciting way to market your product or services.

Guest article written by: Herman Morgan is a Business Analyst at, a Custom Software and Mobile App development company in Melbourne. He is having 3 years of experience in a Technological domain. He loves to travel to Spontaneous places.

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