What is it about Jelly and Candies that Make Us Love Those Games So Much?

android-tv-appsMany people including children and adults are attracted to jelly online games such as jelly Tetris game. People like to play this type of game because it remind them about the sweet and delicious taste of jellies that they have eaten before. These jellies look so cute and squishy in the game so that you just want to keep spending several hours on playing it. The game will usually feature several shapes of jellies such as heart, cube, teddy bear, star, strawberry, banana, and egg. The background scenery in the game are made up of different colors of jellies that is nice to observe.

The colorful design of the game is the reason why many children will enjoy playing it. Jelly games are suitable for children that are aged at least 3 years old and above. Parents can keep their children occupied by letting them play the game if they don’t want their children to make noises and disturb them. You can also play the game with your kids as a way of spending time with them. Many games support multiplayer mode that allows you to compete with friends. To enable the multiplayer mode, you must link your social media accounts such as Facebook to the game. Each family member can connect their Facebook account to the game and compete against one other as a way of spending family time. Once connected to Facebook, you will be able to transfer free lives to your friends. If you like cute games, you will surely enjoy playing jelly games.

The jelly Tetris game is very easy to play and you just have to flip a few jellies with the similar patterns in a row to get them removed. The more jellies of the same pattern you flip in a row, the more points and stars you will earn. You are allowed to restart the game at anytime you want by clicking on the Restart button. There is a map that allows you to follow through your progress on the levels that you have completed in the game. It will record how many jellies you have flipped correctly for every single pattern so that you know.

The best place to download free jelly games for your android phone is the Google Play Store. Most games have in app purchases if you want to upgrade the game and make it more fun to play. However, there is no need to buy the in-app purchases. You can just download the game and have fun playing the free version to pass your time.

There are already many levels for you to play in the free versions so there is no need to buy the in-app purchases. Many of the games in the Google Play Store are updated every week so you can expect the game to have new levels to play in the updates. In this way, you can never finish playing the game because new levels are always available for you to take up the challenge.

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