Technology And Travel: JustFly Looks Forward To High Tech Flying Experiences

by Emily on July 8, 2016

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bose_quietcomfort15_airplaneWhile commercial aviation has been a standard in travel for decades, the pace of innovation versus the pace of actualization in the industry has been clearly stagnant. While the rest of the world is walking into the age of virtual reality, the internet of things, and other breakthrough fields, many aircraft have barely mastered the art of being able to provide wifi in-flight. While any major changes in-flight do come with the delay of strenuous certification, the fact is we are often still flying in 30 year old aircraft with no business belonging in our modern world. But, changes may soon be coming. Aircraft builders are beginning to come around to the idea that an airplane doesn’t have to be a tech free airborne prison. To find out what some of the major innovations could be I spoke with JustFly, an online travel company. They provided me with a few highlights to keep you at bay.

Viewing Galleries

When one thinks of an aircraft they think of wings, the cabin, and the cockpit. While wings and the cabin aren’t going anywhere, research has shown that a plane’s cockpit is actually located in something of an uneconomical area. With that in mind, many aircraft designers are looking at ways to build a plane with the cockpit located in different areas of the aircraft. What this does is opens up the front of the aircraft for a viewing gallery. While galleries are being investigated in other areas of the plane, giving passengers the opportunity to experience the sometimes breathtaking views at 32,000 feet is something that is being considered for the future.

VR and In-Window Augmented Displays

While aircraft today are struggling to incorporate tablets, the future may be calling for an alternate reality. Yes, VR is everywhere right now and aircraft builders have noticed according to JustFly’s review. While zipping around in your own little world sounds like fun, research is increasingly showing that VR can also be used for medicinal purposes as it has shown to help anxious or nervous passengers either in-flight or prior to taking off. In terms of other visual stimulus designers are looking to cram into cabins, in-window displays are becoming a reality. These displays can provide passengers with critical info as they approach their destination. This includes time at destination, weather at destination, connecting flight times, and potentially tourist attractions.

Improved Aircraft Design

In terms of design, the name of the game is decreasing the amount of time you are in a plane. Two major changes that are closer than you may think include changing the design of the tail of the plane and giving planes a non-stick surface. Why are they trying to turn your airplane into a high-end frying pan? Because of insects. JustFly says bugs accumulate on the surface of the aircraft, increasing drag on the aircraft. This cuts into the planes efficiency, wasting fuel and limiting speed. While the improvements are minimal at first, this coating guarantees a massive savings over the sometimes 30 year lifespan of a passenger jet.

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