Travel Accessories: JustFly’s Favourite New Travel Accessories

by Emily on July 8, 2016

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Travel-Application-iPhoneWhether you like it or not, travelling can be enhanced by technology. While some live by the idea that vacation time is time away from technology, it is becoming increasingly common for vacationers to pack their full repertoire of devices and accessories for their time away from home. With that said, a growing number of technology companies are developing devices and accessories tuned to both the business and leisure traveller. While travel cases, chargers, and backpacks are helpful and neat, I wanted to get a list of some of the neatest accessories that go beyond simply charging or holding your device or devices. For that I spoke with the online travel company JustFly. As a company plugged into both travel and technology, they were able to give me some of their favourite accessories, devices, and enhancements that go beyond the norm based on feedback from travellers they’ve worked with.

Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens

The Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens turns your iPhone’s camera into a professional setup with four different lenses that will allow you to capture the image you want every time. Included are a fisheye lens, a wide-angle lens, and two zoom macro lenses. These different options give you numerous creative options for snapping the right shot. The accessory simply sits on your phone, making switching lenses easy and removing the attachment quick and simple. When you are done, the Olloclip easily fits in your pocket for quick storage and transport. This accessory from Olloclip is perfect for the photographer who doesn’t want to risk losing or breaking their kit while on vacation according to JustFly’s review.

Intel Compute Stick

Are you a PC traditionalist? Then the Intel Compute Stick is just for you. This dongle, which is about the size of a large USB jump drive, plugs into any HDMI port on a television or monitor and turns it into a fully functioning personal computer. While playing high-end video games or doing large scale photo or video editing would not be recommended, this PC is great for viewing photos, streaming video, and completing basic tasks like answering emails or hopping on Facebook. All you need is a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and you are ready to compute!

Bluesmart Carry-On

I know I promised no bags, but this one is too good to pass up. The Bluesmart Carry-On is a bag that has a number of advanced functions that turn it into a traveller’s dream bag according to JustFly. The Bluesmart bag can weigh itself, charge up to two devices at the same time, and comes with some really great bluetooth technology built-in. First, the bag can lock and unlock using the accompanying app. Second, you can set proximity alerts that will tell you if you’ve left your bag behind or its been stolen. And lastly, you can actually track your bag as it goes through the airport or has been taken. All in all, it’s a bag worth talking about.

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