Feeling Nostalgic? Here’s a list of remastered old games

We all love that feeling of discovering fragments of the good parts of our past. It may be that particular show we watched when we were young or that particular old man that gives us apples down the street. Most times, we see these things and smile, wishing we could relive those moments. If you were born before the 21st century, this article is for you to check out games from your childhood that have been brought to either mobile devices or PC. If you were born more recently, this is your chance to see and experience the classics of game history.

Bounce classic

Bounce: If you were present during the age of Nokia phones and had the opportunity of owning one, it is with great pleasure I speak of the return of Bounce to Android and iOS devices. In a game where the player controls a red ball through 11 levels of spikes, attacks and puzzles, Bounce captured the hearts of many Nokia phone users and has now been remade as Bounce Original by a company named Games35cm for Android and Bounce Nokia by Avenger Gamer. The game features nice sound effects, good colorful graphics and the level designs are great and tasking.

Pacman gameplay

Pac-Man: Who doesn’t love the yellow circle character that goes through semi-mazes eating all in sight even his adversaries? Pac-man is an arcade style game that dates as far back as the 1980s where it was released in Japan. It gained in popularity greatly over the years and has reached the level whereas finding someone who hasn’t heard of it is uncalled for. Following popular demand, Bandai Namco developed a great version for Android devices. This version sports multiple mazes and even a tournament mode for our extreme Pac-Man lovers.

Super Mario Bros Title screen

Super Mario Bros: Another amazing 1980s game was Super Mario Bros. Developed by Nintendo for Family Computer, the game features a two player version where a player controls the loveable character Mario and another player controls his slightly taller more energetic brother, Luigi through a colorful kingdom of dinosaurs, turtles, coins and power-ups to save a beautiful Princess Toadstool from the evil boss Bowser. The game features 8 worlds each containing 4 stages within and it has amazing background music. Though there are newer Mario related games, the originals can still be played now on Android Devices and on PC using emulators.

megaman zero

Mega-Man Zero: As one of the most difficult but captivating game of its time, dating back to early 2000s, Mega-man Zero caught the attention of many who used the GameBoy Advance gaming platform. As a sequel to the Mega-man X story, this two-dimensional action platform game tells a story about Zero who runs around shooting and slicing things helping the Resistance withstand attacks from the de facto ruling government: Neo Arcadia. The game has a nice enough plot and amazing levels which lay heavy emphasis on memorising boss attacks and selecting suitable weapons to defeat them. Using GameBoy emulators like VisualBoy advance, the joy and greatness of Megaman can be relived on PC and mobile devices.

pinpall star

Full-Tilt! Pinball: Many know this particular pinball game that accompanied PCs since 1995 as 3D Space Cadet Pinball though there were two other tables available namely Skullduggery and Dragon’s Keep. It was popularly known as 3D Space Cadet Pinball because that was the version that came installed with Microsoft Windows. It was an exciting game of pinball developed by Cinematronics and published by Maxis. The game has been remastered as Pinball Star and is available for both PC and mobile devices though it has somewhat less realistic game play than the original.

Guest article written by: I’m Olutade Ajiboye, a freelance writer immersed in all things technology and gaming. Currently studying Electrical/Electronics Engineering in the University of Lagos, Nigeria; I am ingrained with a love for devices and an urge to be amidst technological advances of all kinds. I am currently a game developer, working on both 3D and 2D multi-platform games and I’m about to begin a nano-degree in Virtual Reality. Below is a link to my website: https://writtentechnology.com/

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  1. These are great games, but to me this is an accurate list top 15. Sum of these games, weren’t in this vid. Anyone have different opinion?
    1. Megaman X2
    2. Megaman X3
    3. Killer Instinct
    4.: Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
    5. Mortal Kombat 2.
    6. Turtles in Time
    7. X Men Mutant Apocalypse
    8. Street fighter
    9. Street Fighter 2
    10 Aladdin
    11. Super Mario All Stars
    12. Spiderman the animated series
    13. Donkey Kong Country
    14. Donkey Kong Country 2
    15. The Jungle Book
    Paul Brown


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