5 games that are ideal to improve your everyday skills

You can consider it official; playing games on your phone can be good for you! As long as you engage in this activity in moderation, you come away with much more than just entertainment. It may surprise you, but games can equip you with everyday skills that will elevate the general quality of life for you. Don’t yet believe us?

Well, that’s why we have selected five games that are easily available. Play and quickly accumulate everyday skills that will improve your general happiness. Oh, and don’t think that the following list is an exhaustive one – there are many more games that teach you other great things out there. But for starters:

1. Hero’s Journey

We use the word ‘grinding’ to describe a repetitive activity. Usually, we label something that isn’t fun on its own but results in a reward. However, when the term jumped from the world of boring day jobs to that of the gaming community, its meaning changed. 

But what does grinding have to do with gaming? Remember the old arcade hits and how you had to keep hitting the same buttons to win? Or, how about the role-playing games where you fight similar monsters that keep getting bigger with each level you clear? 

In that way, grind-centric games, such as the Hero’s Journey, continue to pitch challenges at you constantly. And by playing them, you train your body and mental capacities for the daily grind in professional life. So this game by unlimited gamez mo lets you cement that grinding concept for as long as you like.

By playing it, you learn how to best deal with routine repeatedly. And as you master each level, you feel dopamine fill your mental pathways. It only reinforces the lesson that perseverance and personal accountability can be rewarding. In short, you learn how to focus on what you’re doing to control the situation you are in. Now, when you switch off the game, try applying that skill to your real life.

2. Angry Birds 2

There’s a reason behind why so many players love puzzle and strategy games. From Plants vs. Zombies to Starcraft II, the gaming community begins buzzing just before the release of such games. 

What’s more, it isn’t just the hardcore players who love these productions. Even casual gamers can appreciate the mental stimulation that planning and strategy have to offer via these games. In the game Angry Birds 2, you have a limited number of throws. Therefore you carefully plan and strategize where each projectile should land. 

You may not have to think too much to see why these are such valuable life skills. If you want to survive in the practical world, you must put them to use in various settings. Such as when you decide how much to spend vs. how much you earn. Or what to study while navigating a path that will lead to a fulfilling career.

Now, consider extending your planning to social contexts too. For people who tend to put their foot in their mouth a lot, some planning may help. They can plan what they need to see, so they can control the potential consequences. And so on. As long as you apply this newly learned skill in moderation, you’ll be golden.

3. Pokemon Go

Movies continue to perpetuate the anti-social and asocial gamer stereotype. And, sure, it may even be true for some players. They may love dwelling in the basement. Some may even hate holding on to jobs or having responsibility. But are we all like that? And should we let the movies dictate how others see us? Because if that is true, then gaming doesn’t teach you much.

Pokemon Go takes the social aspect to a higher level. Firstly it takes the players outside. Secondly, it becomes more fun when you play with your mates. Truthfully then this game is enabling stereotypically introspective individuals to engage in more social settings. Consequently, they come out with improved social skills. 

Moreover, taking part in conventions means exposure to new people. So, if you’re a gamer, think about the application of your newly acquired social skills to life. Make new friends – both on and offscreen! 

4. PUBG Mobile

As evident, gaming does much more than tease the grey matter. In this case, we point to how it makes leaders out of players. Sure, it sounds silly that managing a guild in a game – or your squad in PUBG- can have real-life applications. But think about the overlap between that and say, managing a project team. In both situations, the leader must synchronize schedules, inspire their teammates, and keep them moving towards a goal. 

Most importantly, they’d also have to resolve interpersonal conflicts. Do these everyday skills sound like they can help shape you into a leader? We think they would! 

5. Call of Duty

The University of Rochester discovered that shooting bad guys in games like Call of Duty can actually improve your vision! So, you may be wasting pixelated enemies on the one hand. But on the other, you’re boosting your visual skills. How do the games make this possible? As we keep playing, our eyes become more sensitive at picking up differences in contrast. 

What’s more, eyesight is one of the first effects of aging. Thus, the researchers of the study above think that gaming might correct age-affected bad eyesight. 

Parting Thoughts

To conclude, playing games can be helpful if you want to develop creativity, improve your eyesight, and boost critical-thinking skills. Gaming can also have its uses in shaping people into better leaders and helping introverts interact more in social settings. 

If you play responsibly, you will also learn other everyday skills, such as time management and multi-tasking. Finally, throw some memorization games into the mix, and you’ll be challenging – and strengthening — the cognitive abilities of your brain. That includes short- and long-term memory abilities. And these skills are just the tip of the gaming iceberg!

Guest article written by: Michelle Joe is a blogger by choice. She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences, and express herself through her blogs. You can find her on TwitterLinkedInFacebook

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  1. Thanks for sharing this article. I have to submit a research paper on the benefits of Gaming for my assignment, and this article is a huge help to that. I even myself started playing a few games myself while researching and have noticed that what you mentioned is actually true, games like Call of duty do help with visual responsiveness.
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