7 Challenging Android Games that Tease Your Mind

We all love playing with our smartphones, and getting amused with mobile devices has become so pervasive that companies are coming of making gaming phones to take mobile gaming to the next level. There are a lot of boring and easy games on Play Store that can keep you entertained for hours, but playing mobile games is sometimes not just for fun, and sometimes it is necessary to challenge your IQ.

Many challenging games have been developed for Android, and some of them can engage you at a high level. So if you want to tease your mind, keep up with us to introduce you 7 mind-bending mobile games.

Smarter – Brain training & Mind games

By including more than 150 games in different categories, you will never get bored of playing with Smarter. Accuracy, color, memory, math, logic, dexterity, multitasking, and attention to details are some categories found in this app. As names suggest, each category challenges one of your skills and tries to improve it.

If you want to stretch your mind’s abilities and boost your memory, Smarter is the same application you need to install. There is also a Profile section which you can see your progress there, and find out what skills you have worked on and which skills need improvement and more training. Your level of proficiency is highlighted as Perfect, Great, or Good. 

Download Smarter – Brain training & Mind games

Infinity Loop

The Infinity Loop proves that a game should not be judged by its appearance. This seemingly never-ending but straightforward game can keep you entertained for months with an infinite challenge. The higher you go, the more difficult the game becomes, and the more complex patterns appear. 

Infinity Loop is a brain teaser game that strives to remove stress and make you relax. Infinity Loop is simple to play. You need to create loops by matching items together to make connections. 

Apart from the original game mode to make infinite loops, the game has another mode called Dark Mode that pursues an opposite purpose. In this case, you have to align all the items on the page so that none of them are connected to each other, which means that you should cut the link between each of the items on the page. It can be as challenging as making connections. 

Download Infinity Loop

Math | Riddles and Puzzles Math Games

Math Riddles is here to change your mindset about math with puzzle-like tests that challenge your IQ. Math Riddles puzzles are all related to mathematical science, and you need to come up with a logical relationship in all of them. The puzzles get tougher step by step, and your skills are seriously challenged at higher levels.

Both adults and kids can enjoy playing this game. It can help develop kids’ mathematical skills, and adults can devote their spare time to Math Riddles to train their brains and develop logic skills. In this game, you are provided with numbers and geometric shapes puzzles to keep you entertained. The puzzles are logical, and you feel good after solving them. 

Download Math | Riddles and Puzzles Math Games


Ketchapp Studio has released one of the most addictive and mind-bending number puzzle games in the world with more than 10M installs, called 2048. 2048 is a simple yet entertaining puzzle game that the more you do it, the more you will be fascinated. The whole point is that you have to combine numbers into a table to make larger numbers. 

The rule of the game is that you have to move the similar numbers up, down, left and right, and then merge them. Then two numbers are added together, and a larger number is obtained. You have to do this until you reach the number 2048. The game also supports Multi-playing. This is where you can compete with each other and work together to solve puzzles and get higher scores.

Download 2048


Transmission is all about creating connections to communicate. In this puzzle game, you should connect the nodes to form a powerful communication network. In these networks, the transmitter and receiver need to be able to communicate properly with each other, so consider how the nodes communicate. 

This exciting and challenging game has 70 different levels and over 8 hours of gameplay. As a puzzle-like game, it follows a simple procedure, but challenges start when you should predict and visualize the next movements. Incorporating real-world network concepts featuring background music by David Kanaga makes Transmission a favorite of network-savvy people. 

Download Transmission


Are you ready to tease your mind? So try to find or make the word in this game. Here is a simple and minimal game that requires you to solve puzzles with creativity to go to the next level, and despite its simple-looking gameplay, it’s not as easy as you think. 

It has 50 different levels with unique design and simple gameplay, but at each level, you will face difficulties that make solving puzzles harder.

Download Here


The Cryptogram is a puzzle game that consists of some encrypted texts, and you should find the hidden pattern in each puzzle. To do this, you need to think differently and be very creative. Just Think logically and try to decipher the text. You can play offline and choose between more than 1000 puzzles. When you solve a puzzle, you are rewarded with a motivational quote from a famous person. Cryptogram would be one of the most challenging mobile games you have ever played. 

Download Cryptogram

Guest article written by: Hamid Ganji is a tech enthusiast who enjoys reading and writing about technology trends. He also works as a copywriter and contributor editor at BSUPERIOR SYSTEM LTD. LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/hamid-ganji-1070bba1/ – Twitter: @about_hamid – Medium: @hamidganji

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