How Can Facility Automation Solutions Improve Working Conditions as Employees Return to the Office?

Through advancements in facility automation solutions and concerns raised by COVID-19, workplaces are taking advantage of facility automation solutions more than ever before Recently, more people have been returning to in-person work as the risk of COVID-19 declines due to vaccines and other prevention measures like mask mandates. Since we now have more tools and … Read more →

5 Tips If You Are Moving Into a New Office

Like with all things in life, change is often welcomed and exciting. Moving from an old office into a brand new one is a perfect chance for new starts, fresh opportunities and much-needed upgrades. The transition, however, is not without its challenges. It is probably hectic around the office during these times with a bunch … Read more →

A Complete Guide to Set Up A Remote Development Team

Remote teams are an excellent way to collaborate with highly experienced individuals. In the case of software development, this is certainly relevant – since they bring the expertise in tech stacks, processes, and project experience onboard. Thus, choosing a remote development team is a wise choice whether you cannot find the proper expertise in your … Read more →

10 Invaluable Lessons That The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Taught Us And How We Can Apply Them 

We will not forget the year 2020 in a hurry. While the COVID-19 pandemic dominated the year in every way, ravaging the world and shaking our social fabric to the core, there were at least a few positives: It compelled humanity to be at its inventive best, adjusting to an unprecedented scenario Technology solutions were … Read more →

The Top Five Business Trends for 2021

Introduction During this past year we have seen shifts in global business trends that impact the way we interact in both our professional and personal lives. Whether you’re trying to balance the roles of employee/ teacher/ babysitter or you’re simply trying to navigate your way through a Zoom presentation while your dog barks incessantly in … Read more →

If work from home is the new norm, why are Google and Facebook investing in physical office space?

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic prompted organizations to swiftly pivot to remote work arrangements. Some speculated that distributed work would spiral into a spectacular failure, while others anticipated a seamless and sustainable work structure. The latter appears to have won out, as a small fleet of CEOs have announced ‘work-from-home-forever’ policies or other long-term distributed … Read more →

Recognizing Why a Corporate Perks Program Will Aid Your Business

Society has been completely overturned throughout the past two decades, and numerous elements have been responsible for this change. One of the main driving factors pushing this change in our civilization has been the rise and mass adoption of the Internet for personal and professional use. As the world has become increasingly more digitized in … Read more →

Hack your productivity with a gaming mouse in 2020

A gaming mouse is becoming a popular sight in offices. It provides comfort and reliability compared to other workplace peripherals. And with extra buttons and a more high-tech, it can help you work smarter. Here are the reasons why you should use a gaming mouse for work.  It’s precise and accurate Unlike the regular mouse, … Read more →