Top 5 sites for finding and hiring distributed teams

What binds a startup, a small business, and an enterprise company? The answer is they all may need professional, responsible, and experienced programmers to develop successful products. So where to find them? Fortunately, now company owners can not limit their search geographically but focus on hiring the developers from all over the globe by their technical skills and knowledge. Let’s find out the best platforms, where you can find the perfect candidates .

What do you need for a successful hiring?

You have a few options to involve a remote team working on the product: to form a team yourself from a scratch or to find a ready-made one. In both cases you need to have:

  1. ability to provide good working conditions;
  2. clear requirements for the competence of potential employees;
  3. clear tasks and specifications for developers.

Where to begin?

Of course, the classic way to search for distributed teams is to hire people via online platforms. In this article we picked the ones where it’s the easiest to pick the suitable engineers:

  1. Upwork

Better suits for short-term projects that take less than 6 months. The Upwork Freelance Exchange gathers together agencies and freelancers from all over the world, so there are plenty of people willing to work on your project. Intuitive site design and a well-thought-out system for evaluating the quality of previous projects by freelancers, remote teams, and agencies that will allow you to make the right choice.

2.Working Nomads

The approach of Working Nomads is similar to Upwork but has one difference. This platform not only allows you to find candidates but also brings together a group of people with similar values. Digital nomadism is a new phenomenon in the labor market which implies that developers are looking for the possibility of remote work, spending free time traveling. Usually, such people take work more seriously than developers, who work to the limit and “burn out” as a result.

If you need to improve the layout of the site, add a feedback form, or make a typical gallery – you can look for employees on Working Nomads. But if your project requires long-term development and further support – it is better to focus on platforms, where the employees are experienced software developers.


All you have to do while hiring on Naprok is to form clear requirements for the developers you are looking for. The service staff will provide you with resumes relevant to your needs. If you need a team, priority is given to those developers who already have experience working together.

The candidates who are selected to be involved in your project are tested for matching their resume skills. It allows you to get the work done on time and efficiently. The outstanding feature of the service is the AI engine. It checks whether the developer you hired is really working for you or another, less experienced, and therefore cheaper programmer is working instead.

The vendors have no choice except for fair collaboration, because the Engine defines code authorship attribution upon source code samples with a high accuracy.

  1. StackOverflow

StackOverflow is a site that gathers IT professionals worldwide. The primary use of StackOverFlow is for discussing answers and issues that programmers may have  but you can hunt high-skilled devs here as well. The rating system on the site will help you to do that easily. By using a tag search, you can understand what technologies the developer works with and what level at.

  1. Toptal

TopTal is a freelance platform for web developers and designers. The company is headquartered in California, but among the employees of the service are people from different continents. The site is considered a closed community, where only the best professionals have access. According to the founders of the service – they work with only 3% of the best freelancers.

To start working with the service and hiring the demanded specialists, you will need to fill out a registration form on the site and then service managers will contact you to conduct an interview. You need to formulate criterias for selecting developers for your project: knowledge, experience, discuss financial issues and other details necessary for productive cooperation. Once your application is approved, you become a member of the Toptal community.

Sum Up

Selecting a team or a single programmer will take you a lot of time and effort. There is always a risk of hiring non-professional developers or encountering beginners who pretend to be seniors. We hope that among the options we offer, you will find one that will help you hire a true professional distributed team.

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