When to Hire A PPC Agency in The UK for Google Ads

by Klaus on July 8, 2020

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The UK is a buzzing hemisphere of advertisements, social media, advertising, event planning, product promotions, you name it and it has been done. Further new ways of selling peoples products and getting it out to the audience are coming up every day with the advent of start-ups filling the nation.

Advertising is an age-old recommendation to anyone who owns a business. But most business owners knows that there are still many different options, such as the ones on this website. Without practicing this means of promoting your products, you will get left behind by all the competitors and that is a hard truth. No matter what sector of business you are in, advertising will make a significant difference to both yours and your customer’s return of investment number. 

But because this is a very broad term and there are tons of different options for advertising, such as via television, online, radio, and even at events, we will stick to the one that counts which is PPC i.e. Pay-Per-Click advertising. This is a form of search engine promotion – in other words, it is a means of promoting your products and services online using the internet. And the way it works is that every time someone clicks your advert, you get charged.

It is quite a brilliant way of promoting your business but doing it cost-effectively, as opposed to wasting money on options that may or may not get seen by the public. It is also known as an immensely popular method of any business advancement. 

The Mechanics Behind It

When you do a google search and you come across a page with the result (SERP- Search Engine Results Page), you will get a few things.  The top quarter of the page had the adverts, that you can recognize by seeing the abbreviations ‘Ad’ next to them. Then there are your questions section that follows which is usually comprised of the questions ‘people also ask’, which can be extended to find even more results within each question. Your normal website results will follow and then right at the bottom will be some further ‘Ad’s and recommendations of ‘searched related topic [insert topic here]’. 

When a marketing agency creates an advert that goes in that top section, every time their advertisement is clicked by a viewer, it will send them to the relevant website. An initial fee of a very small amount is paid to the marketing agency and this is worth more than the sum of its parts. It also involves bids, so If they pay £3 per click but the click results in a sale of an item worth £300, then the profit made on this one click would be significant. Feel free to read a detailed article about this https://www.inc.com/john-lincoln/how-does-pay-per-click-work-questions-answered-for-startups.html

Reasons to Jump on Board

There are several reasons when you should hire professionals in the field to implement this idea of PPC adverts for you and your business. Reasons that include:

  • If you’re not seeing any feet into your business
  • If the economy has dived, much like in the current climate
  • If you want more sales for particular products and they aren’t pushing fast enough
  • If you have just started your own business and service and need a boost in promotions
  • If your running at a loss and not selling enough products overall or people aren’t using your services enough
  • If you have a lot more competition that are initially though
  • When you have a set budget and not enough money to throw around and want to only pay for results
  • If you want quick results that are clear and easy to measure
  • If you need a solution that isn’t so technical or complicated and you can do it yourself once it is setup

If you’re on-board, the first step you need to take is to hire a PPC agency that is certified in this type of target marketing and get them to set it up for you. The results can only be rewarding! The best part is, it can be done in a day, so you won’t have to wait.

These are only touching the tip of the iceberg, but we think you get the message of how beneficial it is and how much more it can do for you in the long run compared to other more expensive and time-consuming methods.


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thanks for your valuable information. i really love this types of content.
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