How To Manage Your Personal Tasks With A Project Management App?

You must stay at the top of your game when organizing personal projects like a family reunion, birthday party, planning for a vacation, and so on. Task management has to deal with the process of identifying, monitoring, and progressing the work that is needed to be done during the day. Typically, task management comes to mind when we think of those things that relate to work. However, similar tools can be used to manage our personal life. 

The following are some project management app that will aid you in organizing your personal life.

Top Project Management Apps To Manage Personal Tasks

1. Trello

Though with its old fashioned and simple look, it is a strong project management app, when it is rightly used as it is waiting to help organize your life. This app is built around the idea of cards and columns, specifically referred to as the Kanban approach.

You will have a column each day and one card for all the tasks you need to work on that day. Likewise, one column can be allocated to a family member and a card for every task they are responsible for. Similarly, you can have one column for each client and a card for all the tasks your client assigned to you.

One appealing feature of Trello is that it is very flexible as there are many ways this project management app can be utilized. One can categorize the cards based on their level of importance, due dates, and users. This app is simple, but it is quick to adapt to your taste. Cards can be ticked off and stored once they are dealt with.

It is compatible with iOS, web, and Android. All the essential functions of this app, such as access to many members, are free to use. If you are happy with the app after you use the free trial, then you can pay $9.99 per month.

2. Timenotes

This is an extension of google chrome that adds buttons (time tracking) to your projects Basecamp and Trello, and it can be seen in your toolbar. It is intuitive as it easily generates and customizes any report within minutes. Your time logs can be viewed monthly on this timesheet or daily tracker.

Besides, Timenotes can be accessed using Android, chrome, or iPhone, and you can also download chrome time tracker to manage your task effectively.

3. Meistertask

This is another digital tool that looks more modern than Trello. It categorizes every task into cards and columns. It comes with In Progress, Open, and Done, but there is room to add custom columns when the need arises. All the necessary features are all placed in the place.

Tasks can be assigned to tags, attachments, checklists, comments, due dates, and more. Therefore adapting them however you like is very easy, whether it is organizing an extension, planning a vacation, or keeping tabs of where the kids will be after school activities.

It is compatible with Android, web, and iOS. The basic features can be used in its free trial, and you are required to pay $8.25 per month to enjoy all the features.

4. Teamweek

Teamweek app is the best option for those who are still struggling to organize their lives as this app has extra features that help to organize your personal life. All the pending projects are placed on the calendar, giving you an insight into the task and the deadline. Teamweek project management app can be accessed through the web, iOS, and Android. The basic features can be obtained for free, but after that, you are expected to pay $39 per month to continue using the app.

5. Freedcamp

It gives you a lot of options to choose from when planning. The setup is a little bit straightforward but can be complex for the beginning. It is not so easy to get it started and running like the other app. It allows you to create and manage boards, tasks, and projects. It is quite impressive that you can view the same set of data in different ways.

There are so many ways to search through and organize individual tasks. Comments, subtasks, and files can be added. The free version of this app should be suitable. However, the plan starts from $1.49 for a month. It is accessible through Android, iOS, and web.

6. Asana

Fully equipped with unique features, the Asana app demands more time investment to manage it effectively. Everything is divided into tasks and projects, enabling you to handle members of the family as a project or have a ‘personal’ and ‘work’ project or to handle everything in your life as one big project simply.

Personal projects can have file attachments, subtasks, tags, and due dates. For instance, if you wish to add other family members into the Asana app, specific people can be given certain tasks as the app supports up to fifteen users in its free trial.

This app enables you to have access to all your tasks and open projects. You can also play around with the calendar screens or project overview as it allows you to know the next project and your level of progress.

It is compatible with Android, web, and iOS. Asana offers an unlimited number of tasks and projects. Also, you can upgrade it with $9.99 per month if you like the app.


Your tasks must be managed as a group, so you spent the appropriate amount of time working on the essential task. When you manage your task well, you stay at the top of your game and hit the deadlines when necessary. However, you need to create a motivating work setting before you settle to carry out the day’s task.

Guest article written by: Lori Wade is a journalist from Louisville. She is a content writer who has experience in small editions, Lori is now engaged in news and conceptual articles on the topic of business. If you are interested in an entrepreneur or lifestyle, you can find her on Twitter & LinkedIn. She has good experience and knowledge in the field.  


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    Thanks for the article. I have used Asana and Trello before and didn’t love either one but I may need to look into Teamweek.

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