9 Digital Marketing Tools For Your Small Business that You Can’t Live Without

by Guest Author on November 22, 2019

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2019’s 9 Best Digital Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

The world of digital marketing thrives on innovations, simplicity and quality content. There are billions of small businesses of all kinds and sorts and at least 20 million in the US of A alone. In the current marketing stigma, it is crucial to stay where the crowd is and the crowd is online all the time.

A business can’t survive without Digital Marketing and that’s why it takes the center stage for every enterprise. But it’s a pro’s game and not all small business have what it takes to survive the long haul and at most times, the adequate digital marketing tools are simply out of reach.

Thanks to techie geeks and their innumerable lines of codes, we now have a plethora of digital marketing tools for small businesses that make the process a whole lot simpler. Many of them are free (or freemium) and the rest are worth the price tag.

Let’s look at 9 best digital marketing tools for a small business that are a digi-enterpreneur’s favorite and frankly, you’re wasting your sweat if you aren’t capitalizing on them. So take our genial advice and get these tools aboard!

Top 9 Digital Marketing Tools for a Small Business

Price: Free for Standard Version; $150,000 for Google Analytics 360

Google is simply a maestro when it comes to delivering the goods and its Analytics feature is simply the best when it comes to an all-pervasive tracking tool. From consumer data analysis and tracking to comprehending what the audience wants, Google Analytics will tell it all.

The best part is that you don’t have to spend eons to set it up. Just register a Google Analytics account for your business and you’ll get the javascript snippet to place. Do the needful and you’ll start getting intrinsic insights into your digital marketing dynamics.

Price: Starts from Free, goes up to $199

Email marketing is one of the most crucial digital marketing tools for a small business that’s looking to set foot in the e-market. MailChimp sets you up nicely for email marketing and that means no maundering for different email marketing tools over the internet.

Apart from marketing automation via email and tracking the website traffic, MailChimp provides a bouquet of options for software integration. The best part is that it’s free for most of small organizations starting out, so don’t worry about that $199 price tag if you’re just starting out.

Price: Starts from Free, goes up to $3200-a-month

Don’t let the price tag scare you– HubSpot gets things done without reaching anywhere close to that money and it’s a full-fledged growth software that has it all. Marketing, sales, customer service are a few of many services that HubSpot offers in its detailed bundle.

HubSpot’s utility cannot be defined in a brevity– that’s how deep their services go. From a blogger’s haven with SEO emphasis to a social media junkie’s abode with immaculate management and lead tracking, it is the perfect all-in-one marketing software and definitely worth a shot for small enterprises.

Price: Starts from Free, goes up to $42-a-month

The best part about Trello is that it is a digital marketing tool that organizes things on the inside i.e. among your team. This digital marketing tool actually brings ideas to life as your online marketing team can brainstorm on the ideas, work on them and cook up the new stuff.

If your initial reaction was “how’s this different from a WhatsApp group?” then let me tell you that it works as a very lucid marketing planner that sorts things out and ensures that no ideas go unheard.

Price: $29-a-month to $599-a-month

Social media scheduling tools are in huge demand all the time– be it for your social media influencer buddies or for bigiwig digital media maestros. HootSuite solves this problem and you can plan and pre-schedule social media posts with it.

With the time zone being a factor while catering to International audiences, you can post whenever you want throughout 24 hours. It also makes social media research a whole lot easier as you can identify prevalent hashtags and influencers of your genre.

Price: Starts from $79-a-month

Although the primary purpose of BuzzSumo is to connect new-age influencers to enterprises, its utility as a social media analysis and research tool is simply unassailable. It’s an updated version of Google Trends where you can understand what’s hot on the ‘gram, Facebook, and all of social media.

Price: $120-a-month

Apart from the fact that I’m a big fan of its name, this digital marketing tool will definitely prevent you from making a whole lot of mistakes. In initial times there’s a whole lot of trial and error effort from the digital team and a tool like KISSmetrics can prevent nefarious efforts.

In simple terms, KISSmetrics will help you find out what does the job and what doesn’t. Although it is not a very cheap tool and $120-a-month might be too much for your business to spend on digital marketing, it’ll surely unveil new avenues.

Price: $24-a-month to $249-a-month

Every business thrives on the data it collects through audience and consumer behavior and there’s hardly a data collection tool better than this one. Get easy insights on how your customers use the website, click reports, heat maps and everything else that you need to track how your user base acts online.

Price: Starts from Free, goes up to $79-a-month

Let me make something clear– this one’s exclusively for Twitter. This might be called as its upside and the downside too. For small businesses that are all about sports updates, news, and are super-active, Twitter is the best medium and Followerwonk is the best weapon.

Optimize your Twitter like never before and connect to influencers exclusively with Followerwonk. You can try the free one for a while to ensure whether it’s really worth it for your business to pay $29 (or even $79). It’s not really a daily use social marketing tool, but it can come in handy from time to time.

When an enterprise starts with shallow pockets and deep dreams, it is destined for greatness. But in times of today when online presence holds an inevitable presence, these digital marketing tools hold invaluable importance to budding businesses.

Now you know the 9 best digital marketing tools for a small business. Do give them a try and watch your digital presence skyrocket!

Guest article written by: Gamer by the day, keyboard ninja through the night– Maaz gives you slick yet simple advice on everything from finance, tech, football and how to run businesses in uber-cool workspaces. Give your fingers a workout they deserve and scroll through his stuff for a knowledge stroll along with a heavy dose of quirk.


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