Three Silly Gadgets People Should Be Paid to Use

Mark Twain said that “there’s no such thing as a new idea.” In 1907, he was probably right. Fast-forward to 2019 and the ‘father of American literature’ might just have to eat his words. Everything manual has been automated, everything analog’s now digital, and anything that was ‘stupid’ is now ‘smart’. This usually works out pretty well, but every now and then someone gets a little rather carried away.

In this post, we’ll cover three of the most completely useless gadgets that you won’t believe people are buying.

USB Heated Knitted Gloves by Lsgoodcare

These low powered environmentally friendly heated gloves from Lsgoodcare are perfect for anyone whose office is located in a refrigerated cellar, or those working remotely from their laptop on an iceberg in the South Pole.

According to the manufacturer they’re also safe to use, although several Amazon reviewers beg to disagree. Users have reported the wool unraveling, the heating wire coming off, and several cases of burnt hands.

Order now in time for Christmas.Perfect for that annoying in-law or as revenge for that 30 pack of blank CD-Rs you received for Secret Santa last year!

Smart Baby Diaper Monitoring Sensor by MONIT

“Is baby crying? Does baby smell? If answer to both equals yes, then change the diaper.“

Are you still wasting your mental energy on this highly inefficient decision-making process? If so, the Monit Smart Baby Diaper Sensor is for you. Not only can the Monit diaper sensor distinguish between urine and feces, a smartphone app is available which allows you to track up to seven different sensors on a single mobile device. Just clip the sensor on the outside of the diaper and you’re ready to go.

Portable USB Cooler and Warmer by HQF

With the whopping dimensions of 9.25” x 2.36” x 3.14” you can easily hold a single 12-ounce bottle and even two small cola-sized cans stacked on top of each other (although some pushing and squeezing will be required according to one reviewer).

Great, you might think – until you realize the two fatal flaws of this gloriously pointless contraption.

Firstly, refrigerators are ubiquitous in every office, school, and home, and don’t have such restrictive storage capacities. Secondly – and much more importantly – the device has no cooling or heating function! To quote the product description: “Note: No cooling and heating function as the real fridge, it only keep cold drink that’s already cold; something hot that is already hot.” [sic].

Stocking-filler? Maybe. Garbage can filler? Most certainly!

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