10 Convincing Reasons Why Your Business Need A Mobile App

No matter how low your pay scale is, but saying it’s surely there in your pocket won’t be an overstatement. Isn’t it?  Hope you didn’t get me wrong.

It’s none other than mobile phones that have become a part and parcel of our lives since the app store is launched in 2008. The item (mobile apps) of novelty has turned into utility and priority with no sign of getting its growth, slow down, even when the app market has reached a saturation level.

Increasingly, the businesses are bridg tactically ing the mobile technology and emerging technology with unrealized needs of the customers to build the innovative solutions that thrive the customers. But, it’s not the case with all the businesses trading in all corners of the world.  Unfortunately, there are some businesses that are refraining from the mobile app development, which in turn, putting their businesses at the risk of losing customers, and competition.

The existing companies and startups, especially involved in consumer-facing businesses have to make a bold move towards mobile app in order to get down to the road the world is heading in and stay prepared for the future challenges, in addition to the bunch of benefits.

Still, not certain for making the mobile a natural extension of your business? Here are the persuasive reasons that will definitely change your mindset and let you go down the mobile path sooner or later.

The merits of creating ‘A mobile first’ strategy and giving them more priority:

  • Make the business future-ready

We have seen people forgetting their keys, lunch, and laptop while walking out of the door, but never the smartphone. It’s a sign that people spend most of the time each day and every day with mobile and even when they are alone, they will be found glancing at their phones. It makes mobile app development a golden opportunity for the businesses to get the full advantage of. It’s a case of present days.

The advanced technologies like- artificial intelligence, IoT, wearable, and augmented reality in conjunction with mobile technology that has already picked up the pace is the future of mobile development. Jumping on the mobile bandwagon prepares the business for future enhancements or the technology that will be all the rage.

  • Reach the customers where they are

The old-school technique of reaching out the customers when they are gone works no more in the present times. Going ahead, sending an email to the customers to engage them and open their wallets is less effective because the average CTR of emails is staggering 3%. That’s upsetting.

Here, the mobile app is a powerful tool that helps businesses win the battle by staying in touch with the customers in the real time. Through push notifications, the users can be better informed and bring back to the app as the ratio of getting the notifications opened and read are higher when compared to email campaigns. With mobile, the businesses can reach the customers “In the moment” and stay close to them, which in turn, uplift the chances of conversion and upsurge revenue.

  • Build brand and brand recognition

The mobile is the latest trend, which is here to stay. Not having a presence over mobile means your customers find your business outdated, or soon, it’s removed from their top preference list to trade. The mobile app which was once considered as a key differentiator has now become a normal customer’s expectations.

Connecting the dots, the businesses can build a brand image in the customers’ minds via mobile app development with a set of features, designs, and animation that customers will love. The frequently the app is able to draw the user’s attention and bring the users very often to the app, the user’s interaction with the brand will increase, which engrain the brand in the user’s brain and fosters trust. The improved brand awareness strengthens the business position in the market.

  • Personalization is a king

With mobile app notifications, the businesses constantly stay in touch with the customers and the customers can be landed straight to the app or the page which uplift the likelihood of conversion. The user experience and the possibilities of sales can be increased by two folds when deals and offers sent to the users are customized to their browsing patterns, purchase history, or demographics.

Pushing the contextually relevant messages or personalizing the user’s in-app journey undeniably delights the users and make them feel the business care about their needs. Adding a layer of hyper-personalization such as reminding the users for the deals they previously looked at, informing about the current deal, or notifying for the new services that users have never tried before, enables the app performs to the notch.

  • Know your customers better

The customers are the biggest asset to every business and distancing from them is never can be a mindful decision, no matter whether the customers advocate the brand or criticize it. The mobile app is a strong weapon to get the priceless users’ insights through unbiased reviews and ratings that users provide.

In addition to feedback provided on the app store, the detailed user’s interaction data points like- the points discouraging the users to checkout, the points annoying the users, or the points enhancing the user experience (Gained from the user’s in-app journey) allow the businesses to tailor the app to the users’ needs, enhance the product with new features, and identify new opportunities to keep the app that stay in rhythm with the changing user trends.

  • Add value with improved engagement

When the mobile app is able to take up the real estate on the user’s phone screen, then the businesses are put in a great position to add value to the products and services and engage with the users by delivering the products and services efficiently and in a timely fashion. The tailored features and options work great in promoting the valuable aspects of the application.

In conjunction with notifications, enabling the offline mode allow the businesses to offer uninterrupted engagement to the users all the time because one cannot guarantee a good internet reception anytime, anywhere. Keeping the offline feature differentiate the app in the market alongside benefit the business via increased engagement.

  • Create new revenue channels

Over the last decade, the diverse Ecommerce giants have witnessed a boost in profits and serious returns through mobile app development. The revenue from mobile devices on Holiday sales was up by 18.3% from the last year, Domino’s Pizza pre-tax profits get up with a 29 % increase in the online food ordering and store pick-up, and many more are the good instances of the app development where mobile has made valuable contributions to heighten the revenue.

Plus, the mobile app has opened the new ways of direct monetization and distinct channels for creating a consistent revenue stream. The in-app advertisement, subscription, and paid features are bringing huge returns to the apps that have first set the hook with unmatched features and then set the user’s on fire to open their wallets willingly. Make the one-of-a-kind app where the users cannot resist making a purchase.

  • Direct marketing campaigns that bring results

With mobile app, your business resides just at an arm’s length from the target audience, which provides a golden opportunity to drive a targeted action from the users, be it signing up for a new service, making them buy impulsively with personalized deals, or encouraging them to checkout for the products added in the cart.

The one-to-one marketing puts the businesses at an advantage in the sense it augments the sales volume and informs about the customers’ response to the marketing campaign launched. The analytics help in learning the errors and customizing the marketing strategy to improve the results.

Additionally, with mobile app tracking feature, the new dimension can be added to the marketing through location-based marketing where the location-based notifications enhance the impact of the marketing campaign and drive more actions.

  • Stay in and stand out the competition

It’s not a time when the users will be astonished by your forward-thinking approach of building a mobile application, or you can take a big leap ahead with just app development. The mobile app has become indispensable to survive in the cutting-edge competition and it can be a good enough reason to go for the app development.

In the sea of apps, you can save the app not getting lost and create a major breakthrough with a unique set of features leveraging advanced technologies. This is not a rare case. Most of the businesses are experimenting with the technologies to engineer a solution that amazes the world and help them get ahead of the competition. Craft a mobile application that lets your business stand on the top of the success ladder.


Be it wearing the customer’s lens or entrepreneur’s lens, the mobile app development is par for the course for the businesses. Through a robust connection with the customers, high level of engagement, improved brand awareness, rich customer insights, increased revenue, and intelligent marketing campaigns, the mobile app is not just saving the business, while laying the strong foundation for the future.

It’s a sign of how mobile-first strategy tactically position the business at the top by making the lives of the customers easier, faster, and convenient. Let’s make your presence felt on the device at which your customers mostly play around.

Guest article written by: Ashish Parmar is the CEO of Prismetric – one of the reliable Mobile App Development Companies. An enthusiastic entrepreneur, interested to discuss new app ideas, rich gadget tricks and trends, and admires signature tech business styles to readily embrace. He enjoys learning modern app crafting methods, exploring smart technologies and passionate about writing his thoughts too. Inventions related to mobile and software technology inspire Ashish and he likes to inspire the like-minded community through the finesse of his work. My Offical Twitter Id: https://twitter.com/AshishHParmar – My Official LinkedIn Id:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashish0084/

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  1. Hi there,

    This is such an interesting post. I heard a lot at school that mobile friendly website and mobile app were both things usefull, if not needed, and which will get even stronger in the next few years. I realized it a bit later when I used Google Analytics and saw the proportion of users through mobile or tablet.

    In addition to all of this, I think processes could be made easier on mobile app. You can put a chatbot, a selection process, work more on pictures and visual effects… I think it is pretty accurate to segment your target.

    But I didn’t think about the direct marketing, this is brillant. Pop up, tracking and everything else, but with the RGPD there might be a few adaptations to take into account in the coming years.

  2. This is quite possibly the main reason why you ought to consider making a portable application for your business. Upgrading the openness of your items and administrations is an extraordinary method to naturally build client faithfulness and improve your contribution. Versatile applications offer an extraordinary method to reward and increase the value of your clients.


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