Five ways GPS technology has transformed logistics

In the world of technology, there have been many fabulous advances over the years. From the internet and the cloud, to virtual reality and artificial intelligence, tech has impacted our lives a lot recently. This is as true for tech in the business world as it is in our personal lives. All businesses in all sectors now use cutting-edge technology and digital connections to work harder and smarter. One great piece of tech that many in the logistics business use is GPS.

What exactly is GPS though? Standing for Global Positioning System, it is a satellite-based navigation system that allows the position of a person or vehicle on Earth to be calculated by using satellite technology. This position is then fed back to a GPS receiver to be viewed. As such, it is a fast and accurate way of determining where a vehicle or person is at any one time.

GPS is useful for the shipping industry

Although all of the various sectors within logistics benefit from using GPS technology on their fleet of vehicles, the shipping industry is one where it comes in very handy. After all, keeping track on where your ships are and if they are in any trouble is not easy on the world’s oceans otherwise! Most big shipping companies now will have the latest GPS systems on their fleets to track them effectively.

The Capital Maritime & Trading Corp, led by international businessman Evangelos Marinakis, is one successful shipping line that use GPS in this way. GPS and other cutting-edge technology has helped Capital to not only respond to increased levels of customer demand in shipping but also continue to be one of the biggest shipping companies in the sector.

How has GPS tech affected the logistics industry?

As noted above, the whole of the logistics industry has actually been affected greatly by the introduction of GPS. Here are some of the major ways that it has changed the industry for good:

  • Better fleet management keeping an eye on your fleet of vehicles is key to running a successful logistics company. This will enable you to always know the location of any delivery and also your fleet. Naturally, fitting GPS devices to your vehicles will help with this as it tells you exactly where all your fleet is at any one time. This can then allow you to deal with any issues you can see arising before they become a problem.
  • More effective staff management when it comes to GPS in logistics, it is also useful for managing staff. All sectors within logistics will have legal requirements in terms of the number of hours that a driver or ship’s captain can be behind the wheel. GPS tracking gives you an easy way to keep an eye on this and help staff take a break when needed. This will not only benefit their health but also stop them from having accidents caused by tiredness. GPS tech can also simply make it easier to know where your staff are and if they have veered off route for some reason.
  • Increased customer service levels logistics is one industry where meeting customer expectations and providing top customer service is essential. GPS helps logistics companies do this by making sure that deliveries are made via the fastest routes and get there as quickly as possible. GPS tech can also help your logistics company get early notification of any delays so that you can liaise with the customer.
  • Helps to protect from theft fitting GPS technology onto a fleet of vehicles is a great way to protect them from being stolen. Very often, thieves will simply leave your vehicles alone if they know that they have GPS technology on them. Even if they do get stolen, you will always know the exact location to help get them recovered easily by the authorities.
  • Cost reductions for logistics businesses GPS technology now allows for a detailed look to be made at any deliveries or journeys. This can include the amount of fuel used and the performance of any vehicle in your fleet. This data will then allow you to recognise where savings could be made or costs reduced to save your logistics business money.

GPS technology and logistics are a great match

Although GPS technology is a great tool for many sectors, it really does work well with logistics. For any shipping firm or road haulage company, the accurate and real-time data that it gives to them is invaluable. Of course, it is also pretty handy for when drivers get lost or need to update their route along the way for any reason!

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  1. I like that you pointed out that technology will be able to monitor your staff to ensure that they do the job well and also check on their safety, too. I can imagine how tedious this task could be, so I hope that businesses that need services like this would be relying on companies that offer help for this kind of job. From what I know, handling transportation services must be done carefully to ensure that the items they transport are safe and will not be broken. So hiring the right people is a must that is why it is important to have the right hiring process as well as monitoring them once hired.

  2. GPS Tracker is used in a very car shipping company and it is very important so we can track our cars where it is when it will deliver and very more.


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