Why to use Mobile app explainer videos to increase your app downloads?

Mobile phones have become one of the most vital parts of our lifestyle today. With technology evolving so rapidly, telecommunication is not the only function that mobile phones provide us with. Rather, their functions have transformed to a level that has grabbed major attention of individuals. A major contribution to this development has been done by the emergence of mobile applications.

With triggered availability of mobile apps, there has been a sudden change in the way humans have been using the internet. In fact, mobile apps have become one of the core mediums of digital communication. Be it a mobile phone, a tablet or any smart device, apps are one main reason for the evolving business repute.

No wonder what your business is, mobile apps have always turned out to be a boon for the businessmen. With time they have decreased the efforts of the consumers and added a fun element to the whole user experience. People from all walks of life find mobile apps more accessible and easy to use than the web. Not to forget, if your company has a mobile app, it has a greater reputation since people would be able to interact with your business on the go.

People would no more need a desktop to shop, interact, book a service and what not. Name a product or service and there’s an app for it. Banking, healthcare, dating, education, there’s no stone unturned.

Once you have a mobile app for your business. Believe me not? Well here are some proven benefits of having a mobile app for your business:

  • You get to have an official interaction in the e-market.
  • You also get to meet the targeted clients since you have an app on the go to flaunt.
  • Once you place your app in different app marketplaces it acts as an advertisement, hence you get to advertise too.
  • Your app boosts your client base. It makes them curious and gets them engaging instantly.
  • Apps improve the efficiency of your business and enhance the user experience of your business.
  • Last but not least, an app builds a loyal customer base. If they have your app on their device, they’ll surely return to you. Isn’t that what you want?

The above-mentioned pointers must have been a convincing factor for the ones who still don’t have a business mobile app. However, if you have a mobile app, you are already at a standout. But are you promoting it right? No? Well, you’d be surprised to know that explainer videos are one great way of promoting your mobile app. It is one of the best ways to make your mobile app stand out in the crowded marketplace of other apps.

Explainer videos are comprised of characteristics that are perfect to trigger your mobile app downloads. Mobile app explainer videos have great prospects of convincing the audience to download your app. Mobile app explainer videos establish an emotional bond with the audience, hence the influencing power rules. Not to forget, people tend to watch videos and learn about different products. This is the easiest way for them to help in making a buying decision.

When you consider having the best mobile app explainer video, you need to understand what it really is. It is the step-by-step demo of your mobile app, blended well with animation, storytelling and appealing visuals.

Why opt for mobile app explainer videos?

-People would want to have a demo of what they are downloading.

Yes, you read that right. If your audience gets to see the demo of what they are about to download and use for their purchases, they get convinced. Mobile app explainer videos highlight the main points of your app, hence summarizing all the details in a short and crisp video.

-Mobile explainer videos are explanatory.

It is practically not possible to send out pamphlets or brochures to everyone who downloads your mobile app. However, when you embed a mobile app explainer video to your landing page or e-mailer, the audience will know how to use your app and all its benefits.

-Mobile explainer videos are a form of promotion.

Don’t believe me? If you want to promote your app and its download in a subtle way, app explainer videos will turn out to be a boon for you. Since app explainer videos are very attractive, they are shared and widely watched. Hence the promotion.

-Mobile app explainer videos form a certain bond with the audience.

And the credit goes to the narrator and the characters used. They so beautifully establish a bond with the audience, that the audience feels as if the app explainer video was exclusively made for them.

-The best ROI.

App explainer videos give out the highest return on investment. They actually reach a wider aspect of the audience and spreads the vision of your app in a very short span of time. Mobile app explainer videos thus prove to be one of the most powerful marketing tools for your app. This way, it triggers downloads and helps your business reach better heights.

There is no denying that app explainer videos can work wonders for your mobile app downloads. They create a distinctive identity for your business in the market. Creativity, vision, promotion, storytelling, animation and visuals blended altogether for the unique value of your brand. This is something you shouldn’t be missing out on.

Winding up, if you are looking for someone who can provide you with ace mobile app explainer video for your app, then don’t miss out on Motiongility. We offer app explainer videos that will define the vision of your brand and app in the crispest way possible. We will make sure that your mobile app explainer video tells out the story of your brand. At Motiongility, we believe in delivering the best so as to make sure every second of the app explainer video is worth watching and leaves an impression that will last long.

Guest article written by: Shreya Verma

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