How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Battery Life Issues

If your Battery of your Samsung Galaxy S10 keeps draining on a continuous basis, you can fix it with few adjustments. Charging your Phone now and then can be quite frustrating, especially when you are traveling and you cannot use your Phone because you don’t want your Phone’s Battery to die. So here we are to help you solve the Samsung Galaxy S10 battery life issue. 

Even if your Battery works fine, you can still try them as for improvement, just follow the steps mentioned in the article below.

  • Check for Apps consuming much too much Battery

The first step you should do is check for apps that are consuming too much of your Phone’s Battery or apps that are misbehaving. If you have been using an app a lot, it will surely consume your Phone’s Battery. So maybe you lesser the use or close the app as soon as you are done with it.

To check these apps tap on the following buttons in order:

  1. Settings
  2. Device care
  3. Battery

  • Close Apps Running in Background

When you open and use an app on your Phone, it will keep running in the background. These apps keep on consuming your Battery even when you are not using it. These apps running in the background will continue to update contents until you stop manually. It’s better to remove apps that you don’t ever use; it will not only save your Phone’s Battery but will clear some storage space too.

  • Restart or Reboot Your Device

Phone restart or reboot option is a simple yet effective way to fix common problems in mobile phones. When you are facing a battery issue, you can try rebooting your device and see if it works for you.

To restart your Galaxy S10 press and hold the power button until restart or reboot button display on your screen. Press the reboot button restart will initiate.

Rebooting your Phone can fix bugs which might be the reason behind your phone battery drainage.

  • Turn Off Tap To Wake Feature

Several users registered complaints at Samsung US community forum for Galaxy S10. The complaint stated that their phone taps in the pocket that opens apps which eventually cause battery drainage. If you have faced the same issue, all you have to do is switch off the tap to wake feature. Also, when you keep your Phone in pocket or purse, make sure you have turned off your screen.

  • Update Software

Phone updates mainly come for bug fixes and for additions of new features to your Phone. Updating your Phone with the latest software can resolve the Samsung Galaxy S10 battery problem. You should always check if a new software update is available on your device or not and if it’s available instantly update your Phone.

Go to settings, click on the Software Update, and press the Download and install button.

  • Power Saving Mode

If your Phone is running low on Battery and you are unable to charge your Phone then quickly switch on the Power Saving mode.

Head to setting and scroll to Device care.

Tap on Battery and now turn on power-saving mode.

  • Boot Phone In The Safe Mode

It may have occurred to you that the battery problem on your Phone has stated after the installation of certain apps. If this is the case, then you should try rebooting your Phone in the Safe mode. This way, you can disable the third-party app and have a clean start.

Keep track of your Phone’s Battery while you are in safe mode. If the Battery seems fine, this means that one of your Phone’s app is the culprit and causing battery issues. So to resolve this uninstall apps one by one starting with the recently installed applications. If you have backed up data, you can even go for Factory Reset.

To boot your Phone in the Safe Mode, follow the steps below:

Step1: Press and hold the power button till you get Power off a message on your screen.

Step2: Press ‘Power off’ till you get the “Safe Mode” prompt on your screen click to confirm.

Step3: Wait till the process finishes.

Step4: After the process is finished, you will see Safe mode on the bottom left corner of your screen. 

  • Factory Data Reset


If any of the above methods didn’t work, don’t worry, you still have a chance to fix your Phone’s battery problem. Clear all the junk on your Phone and have a fresh start by performing Factory Reset. Before you start with this process, make sure you back up all the essential and important stuff.

To Factory Reset your Phone follows the steps below:

Step1: Open Setting app

Step2: Select General Management

Step3: Click on Factory Data Reset

Step4: Now tap on rest and enter your Phone’s password, click Delete all.

That’s it folks, Next time your Galaxy S10 runs out of Battery you know what to do. Do let us know which troubleshooting solution worked for you in the comment section below.

Guest article written by: Riya Patel is a marketing manager at Phoneier. We at Phoneier curate everything around mobile phones and mobile application, it is one place where you will where you can find solutions for every phone problem.

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    I’ve recently bought a new Samsung galaxy s10 and works very well for me. It has some more cool features and I loved to enjoy it. In the past few days, its battery drains faster than usual. That makes me irritating while going to the office, the evening itself it becomes lower and I have to charge it again. Hope, these tips may help me in dealing with that.


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