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Contrary to common belief, a mobile app doesn’t necessarily equate to a flourishing business. Neither does it mean that you’re going to strike it rich overnight. Don’t get me wrong; building a mobile app is the current e-commerce trend, and it is one of the best ways to make $$$. Since more people own mobile phones than they do toothbrushes, you know that the future of your startup or business must be closely associated with this technology. More importantly, it depends on how impressive your app is and whether it has all the qualities to make a confident stand in the overcrowded app industry.

Coming up with a ‘new’ idea isn’t easy. And it’s not as simple as it seems. It requires an extraordinary amount of research. The obvious is to identify a particular problem and create a solution through an app. But let’s face it- not everyone is as lucky as Uber.  On the bright side, as you’ve no doubt already noticed, there are multiple solutions for the same problem. That’s how Lyft and other taxi services were born. So the important thing is to remain focused and resilient. All you need to do is find a cheaper, more effective solution.

But what exactly does your app need to have in order to be successful?

Here are some of the characteristics of top grossing apps that make them highly sought after:

  • Your app has got to be unique yet easy to use. Not everyone is tech-savvy. A clean and clear UI is the way to create a great first impression.
  • Needless to say, it’s going to have to appeal to a wider audience. Your power lies in the numbers.
  • Provide a memorable UX so that people keep coming back. Pamper your users and allow your app to adapt to their needs.
  • People are busier than ever. They don’t have the patience or time to wait for your app to load. So make sure loading times stay within 5 seconds.
  • Remember, once you have an app, it must consistently provide high-level performance. The app market is full of choices. If you slip up, consumers have no shortage of alternate options. They can and will find another app that caters to their needs better.

One thing’s for sure- the app market is exploding. So you’ve got to find ways to stand out in the crowd.

Have you been trying to create an app that makes money? Sometimes, even when you try your hardest, things just don’t seem to add up. In fact, it’s quite common for ‘brilliant ideas’ to flop. Only 1 out of 100,000 consumer mobile apps were successful in 2018. This heart-wrenching statistic only goes to show that there is a tremendous amount of forethought required to make your app triumphant. What exactly stops all those others app from hitting it big is an entirely different story. We can save that for another day.

But if you’ve spent numerous hours developing an app only to discover that your idea isn’t working, you may have to the urge to abandon your project. If you’re pondering about what to do next, you’ve come to the right place. Just because things aren’t going according to plan doesn’t necessarily mean you should ditch it.

Developing an app is expensive. You’ve probably already invested a tremendous amount of time, effort and money. Maybe all you need is a bit of help to get you going in the right direction. Many times, looking at an idea from a different perspective is all that’s required in order to get an app off the ground. That’s where a professional app developer comes in handy. They have loads of experience and are trained to guide entrepreneurs in building successful apps by implementing various app design ideas.

Moreover, it’s vital not to get discouraged. It’s hard to make a good app, but it’s even harder to think of a great idea. Here’s the thing- ideas can’t be forced. Though some gifted individuals find it easy to design creative, out-of-the-box solutions, the same can’t be said about everyone. If you find yourself stumbling over an idea, here are some tactics that you can try on your own to get new app ideas.

1. Destress

Let’s not forget the obvious. Allow the subconscious to work by letting go of the stress.  Let the magic flow. Keep jotting down ideas as they pop into your head.

2. Expose yourself to the app environment

Start with areas that you have a personal interest in, whether it’s sports, health, fitness, technology, etc. Browse through the app market to see what is already available, what’s missing, and what can be improved. It’s imperative to look into apps available in both Google’s Play Store and Apple App Store. Even though apps may appear to be similar, there is usually something different about each one. Identify loopholes in services provided by other apps.

3. Go out into the real world

Observe, research, read blogs, join forums. Do whatever it takes to identify what’s bothering people and create a solution. Creating a new app is much like establishing a startup, so attend meetups, startups, hackathons, etc. and interact with like-minded people. Even if you’re not struck by lightning, you will become more motivated. Plus you’ll gain exposure and insight into what’s trending as well as current issues and concerns people are facing. Additionally, keep track of accelerators to check what projects are getting funded. Identify what’s attracting investors these days. After all, entrepreneurs will only be interested in funding ideas and ventures that are profitable.

4. Do your homework

Analyze your app idea to see whether it’s still valid. Use an ASO tool to see what apps are top rankers, how consistent they are in their rankings, whether it has been funded, etc. Reach out to customers and potential users to see what kind of feedback you’re getting through Reddit, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, or other social media channels. Are there enough people interested in your app?

Hint: Look at featured apps. Since they’re deemed a cut above the rest, they can serve as role models while you’re tinkering over various ideas.

5. Check keywords

Think of at least 5 different keywords that describe your app. Check the search volumes of these keywords, popularity, how often they are searched, etc. Tools such as AppTweak and AppAnnie are ASO tools that can help you see if your idea has is worth investing. For example, search volumes of 30-40+ is an indication that you have a valid concept. 


Ready to give these tactics a try? Remember, don’t be intimidated by the competition. If there is a genuine problem, there will be a market for your app. All you have to do is prove that your app has what the consumers are looking for. Moreover, you need to design and develop a product the delivers top-notch service. Build a good reputation and win customer loyalty.

It’s time to put your app on the market!

Guest article written by: Michelle Joe is a blogger by choice. She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences, and express herself through her blogs. You can find her on twitter: @michellejoe524

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