How Embedding a Social Media Feed on Website Helps to Grow Your Business?

by Emily on June 21, 2019

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The presence & influence of Social Media is all-pervasive today. From interaction to entertainment and sales to business promotion, it has penetrated deep into our lives. If we look at any big brand or business, we will find out that it is not just active on different social media platforms but is also leveraging these social channels in various interesting ways. A brand’s success, these days, is defined by the number of followers that it has on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And the sales have also become a lot more dependent on how authentically yet smartly a brand/business represents itself in front of its audiences. So, let’s discuss one such intelligent way of leveraging social media to grow a business in terms of both – sales & customer-engagement.

We all know that user-generated content has the power to do wonders in the field of business marketing. It increases the credibility of a brand among its customers along with encouraging them to make a purchase. But, when it comes to your business website, how do you keep a hold of visitors there with the help of UGC? What is that one thing which can pull more viewers to your webpage rather than your competitors’ website?

The answer to the above questions is ‘Embedding a social media feed on your website’. It is a simple, smart & effective way of enhancing visitor engagement on your business website. Let us look at some of the fruitful benefits which it offers –

  1. Brings more trust & user engagement to your brand

A social media feed on website  is, most commonly, an aggregation of all those posts uploaded on different social channels in favor of your brand. And the best part is that these posts (images/videos/feedback/reviews) are original, authentic and unpredictable because they are posted by the genuine users of your brand on a regular basis.

So, when you embed such a trustworthy social media feed on your website, it automatically connects with your website viewers and builds a sense of belief in their minds towards your brand. The visitors are quickly convinced with your brand image and are more likely to engage with you in the future as well.  

  1. Increases Dwell-Time & reduces Bounce Rates

Embedding a fascinating social media feed on your business website has one more significant advantage to offer. We all know that user-generated content is engaging and captivating. The visitors spend a lot more time on your webpage scrolling the content in your social feed without even realizing it. It, therefore, improves the dwell-time on your website & thus automatically reduces the probability of a viewer leaving your website quickly.  

  1. Improves conversion rates and boosts sales

As discussed above, embedding a social media feed on your website increases the dwell-time. It simply means that viewers are staying longer on your website, which further increases the possibility of transforming more visitors into customers. Not just your sales are boosted this way but you are simultaneously creating a loyal fan base around your brand’s website by linking your social media content to it.

These were the major gains of integrating a social media hub with your website. However, there is a long list of additional benefits which come along. A social media feed can be customized to go hand in hand with the look and feel of your website thus enhancing its User Interface. People are more attracted to a website which is more appealing & alluring. Also, by looking at the content posted by your existing customers, new customers are encouraged to post similar kind of content thus expanding your reach and followers on different social media platforms.

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Usman Saleem June 22, 2019 at 08:50

Nice article. I have also embed social media feeds on my website after your article. I hope it will helps me to grow my audience.



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