Top 5 Must-Have Features for Taxi Booking App Development


Cab or taxi booking apps are in high demand due to the users’ ease and convenience of booking. No one likes waiting for a taxi to arrive or shaking hands to signal them to stop. We all like taxis or cabs to come to our place to pick us up and drop us at our preferred location with convenience.

This scenario helped many app development companies to look into this topic and make better solutions for easing the taxi booking procedure. As a result, an app development company developed and introduced the first ever online carrier, taxi, and limo booking app called CabbyGo. 

With massive success in online cab booking industry, many companies also grabbed it as an opportunity to grow their businesses. As you know, hundreds of top-class cab booking apps like Uber, Ola, Lyft, Cabify, and LeCab are roaming around in the app market worldwide.

This has also resulted in mobile app development gaining momentum and taxi booking apps like Uber or Ola grabbing attention from many investors. 

To beat your competition, you need to offer exceptional taxi booking services to users and customers, allowing your business to create a unique brand value in the market.

Being a prominent cab or taxi booking app development, it’s not that hard to do if you are thinking about what it needs to create your mobile taxi app wholly unique and different from others. You need to focus on essential and advanced features to get involved in Taxi Booking Mobile App.

Before you get into the details about the features to be included in a taxi booking app, you need to know more about taxi booking app development.

What Is Taxi or Cab Booking App Development All About?

It is the process of developing your taxi booking app from scratch. First of all, you need to know what kind of features and components to be included in the app before building a prototype for the app.

The whole process of developing a taxi booking app is a pleasurable journey. You need to design 2 different apps to help passengers book their rides using their smart devices. The 2 apps are:

User Taxi App

The user or passenger app allows users to book taxis or cabs. Users must sign in to the app and book their cabs online. User taxi app contains various options like ride booking, real-time cab tracking, cab selection, payment options, ride-sharing and much more.

Driver Taxi App

This app is for cab drivers to take booking confirmations from users. Similarly, as a user app, drivers must sign in to the app to avail themselves of bookings. Through the driver app, drivers can accept/reject user booking requests. For drivers, the app contains some must-have features like driver profile updates, location tracking, driver ratings, riding history, earnings, and much more.

Apart from those two apps, there is even an admin panel that allows the owner to keep track of its app performance, the record of driver reviews, user profiles, and much more. This taxi booking app development services are designed to help the owner provides a better outlook of its business.

Top-rated Must Have Features That Should Be Included in Cab or Taxi Booking Apps

Features give your app an identity that helps build a strong, trusted bond between you and your customer. The features allow you to create a unique proposition and brand value in the market. If you plan to expand your taxi business even to a higher level, then the capability of deliverance and providing unparalleled services to your customers is the only segment on which you need to keep the focus. 

You can do this by researching the taxi market. Research always helps you make accurate and impactful decisions for your business. Here, we mention some top-quality must-have features that should be included in Taxi booking app development solutions. Let us look at some top-rated features you should integrate into your taxi booking app.

  • Consider Your Taxi Options

Suppose you are new in the online taxi booking field. In that case, you should understand that the vehicle you will be offering to your users or customers has an essential role in the taxi business. The users always choose convenience over hassling; therefore, make sure you identify the vehicles you wish to incorporate to offer ride-booking services. With so many vehicles available for rides, users can choose from lots at their convenience.

  • Route Tracking Details

Route tracking or GPS is essential to incorporate into your online cab booking app. This feature helps users and drivers to guide them to the desired location. With this feature, the driver also can track the user’s respective location for pick up.

  • Pick Up Location & Destination

It is vital; without this, your user won’t be able to add his pick and drop-off locations. The user can add his pick-up and drop-off location. The pick-up location and destination feature also allow drivers to reach the passenger location via GPS.

  • Payment options

Payment has always been a very crucial segment in terms of making your services ultimately successful. The payment feature helps users pay the driver with his preferred payment options and can also receive payment through various payment methods.

  • Some Advanced Features That Should Be Included in Taxi App Development Solution
  • Driver/User Authorization
  • Ride cancel Notification
  • Driver Queue Algorithm
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Live tracking POP Mode
  • Zone Pricing
  • Surge Pricing
  • Smart Watch Access
  • Phone Number Masking
  • Book Cab for Other Person
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Multiple Bookings
  • Fare Calculation
  • Payment Integration
  • Push Notification
  • Bill Splitting
  • Social Media Login
  • Multi-language Support


If you are planning to develop a cab or taxi booking app, then those mentioned above top 5 must-have features should be integrated that can help you build a robust solution. Consider taking the help of an app development company that knows and understands your vision for a taxi booking app. You can also add advanced features to your app as your business needs. Remember that every feature you integrate will increase your app development time and cost; therefore, consulting with your team and app development experts is a good idea.

The features mentioned above will help you stay ahead of the competition. Do not miss out on these features to make your taxi booking app flawless and scalable. These features are beneficial in sustaining your brand position in the competitive market.

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