Importance of UI & UX in Mobile App Development

Have you ever opened an app or a website and closed it without even reading the contents? The answer from many would be a “big fat yes”.  The say that it is bad to jump in into conclusions based on looks and external factors. But unfortunately that is how the human brain functions and we can’t do anything about it. 

This is where the UI – User Interface and UX – User Experience comes into play. Engaging UI & UX ensures that every user has flawless experience while using the app. Human interaction with the app might be psychology but developing a good UI/UX is pure technology and deep understanding of market and the business eco system.  

The top front end development company has stated the following reasons why they give more priority UI & UX in mobile app development.

Before knowing the importance one should know what is UI and UX. 

What is UI in mobile app development?

As mentioned earlier UI stands for User Interface. By definition, it is the way in which the users interact with a mobile application. The focus of the mobile app user interface is to render an effective interaction between the app and the user. 

What is UX is mobile app development?

UX stands for User Experience. As the name states the whole purpose of UX in mobile app development is to given the users a good experience while using the app. A good UX is sure to impact the revenue in a very positive way. 

The Deliverables

Every UI/UX of a mobile app has to go through a various phases to reach the final stage. The deliverables will differ from one app to another as businesses will have different requirements. But the most common ones are as follows. 

UI Deliverables

Mood Boards

Mood Boards are the ones that are used to present ideas in a more relatable manner.  It helps to have a better understanding of the app idea and the design aspect of it. 

Visual Designs

Visual Designs are the ones that deal with certain specific elements of the apps such as photography, typography, space, colors, images and a few others. Visual Designs gives a better understanding. 

Dynamic Prototyping

The app’s overall functionality is improved by the dynamic prototyping. It also aids in making changes or improvements whenever required. One of the most important aspects of dynamic prototype is that, it helps to build user interface as per the requirement of the client. 

UX Deliverables

User Persona

From a business perspective it is important to understand your audience. By having a clear picture of user behavior you will be able to render an exceptional user experience and also communicate it to the client.

Interactive Prototypes

Interactive Prototypes helps to demonstrate how exactly the app will work after complete development. It demands a lot of importance as good interactive prototype can easily convince the client. 

Competitive Report Analysis

The competitive report analysis is the process of analyzing the competition that you are going against. It helps you have a crystal clear view of what you need to do and what not. When it comes to business there is nothing like knowing the strengths and weakness of competitor 

Importance of UI and UX

User Attraction

The first and the most important aspect of UI and UX is user attraction. To be more precise it is the sole purpose of UX and UI. Even though the quality of service/product is the ultimate deciding factor, good user interface and user interaction gives the initial start for the users to make them spend more time on your app.

Creating Impressions

It is important that your app creates a good impression with every user.  There is a possibility of glitches every once in a while. But with good UI and UX you will able to create good impression and strike a perfect chord with people. 

Getting Featured

Whether your app is good or not, it is completely in the hands of the users and their rating that they provide. Better rating helps you get featured more which will ultimately fetch you more downloads. This ultimately gets you better visibility in the app store and play store and which aids in the increase of the user base. 

UI/UX Practices

Be Conventional

When it comes to UI/UX it is better to follow the proven methods that seem to work like adding call to action buttons, color combinations, symbols and a lot more. But that does not mean that you cannot experiment. It can be done with elements like animation and graphics that you use. 


For all kinds of app uniformity is the key. Just for the sake of bringing something new to the table do not alter it. Uniformity affects the UI/UX in a very massive way. Understand the fact that uniformity cannot be confined only with icons and buttons. It is also about the patterns, designs and the color combinations that you use throughout the app. 

Consider being Platform Specific

Since cross platform apps are the order of the day, it is important to cater according to certain specifications of the two head on rivals – iOS and Android. The fact that they have minute difference when it comes to app functionality cannot be taken on a lighter note. The key here is to have proper understanding of material design and human interface design so that you will be able to arrive at a solid conclusion.

Make It Simple

Making things complicated in an app is a strict no. It does not appeal to the audience at any levels. The design should be in such a way that the any user should be able to use without any hassles. This ensures that the user does not go through any difficulties in using the app.

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  1. Very professional article, good job. You have very competitive and practical mindset. Making clean and simple design is always harder, than complicating it, and requires much deeper understanding and lots of thinking, lots of try and error and fails also.


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