Is it important to buy app installs for android?

How can you buy app installs for android and is it important for the app promotion? – a question that application owners often ask themselves. An advertising campaign consists not only of the incentive app installs but is also a whole mechanism that works according to a clear plan.

If you’re looking for a method to increase your iOS and Android app’s keyword position in store to get hundreds/thousands of organic users every day, starting an advertising campaign for keywords in app store can be your perfect solution. Keyword installs are installs that happen as a result of the user searching the app store using specific keyword combinations.

If you already have indexed keywords, you can buy app installs for android right away. But if not, then you should start with incentive installs. Incentivized installs are mobile app installs that were driven by a promotional offer or incentive. Incentivized install is a way of solving the problem of app discovery. Only real people can do that. Bots simply will not be able to find your application because it has not indexed keywords. Once your app is visible, you can order keyword installs. 

It is also important to run optimization before you buy app installs for android. ASO is an improvement of several parts of your application: keyword cloud, title, icon, full and short description, and screenshots. Pay attention to the description. It plays an important role for Android applications, so it needs to be optimized and made unique. The icon is also important because the icon is the first thing that catches the eye of a potential user. Make it attractive and show the features of your application.

After completing all the above, you can start TO buy app installs for android, because only then they will become the most useful. Buy up to 20 installs a day until you reach the top 20. Once you reach the top 20 for a particular keyword, you should start a separate campaign to do so and increase the number of installs 1.5 times every two days.

Mobile marketing is full of pitfalls. So to feel confident you need to study your niche well. In our case, it is buying app installs for android. 

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  1. in this service user install your app through particular keyword and then install+ open

    through keyword installs you can increase your app keyword ranking


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