What are the top mobile app engagement metrics?

Once you dive into the app development sector there are various aspects that you need to work upon. Some you need to perform while developing apps, some while performing marketing of the app, some while app designing phase. But, have you ever had a thought that how you can measure the success of the mobile app once it’ll get developed? No, then you are doing a big mistake. You must have complete tracking over the matrices that need to measure the mobile app’s success.

You should learn about what are the top user engagement matrices you should track. Those matrices depend on the specifications of your business and the category of the mobile app.

Like, how many items are added to the cart, how many have abandoned the cart, its lifetime customer value proportion, and many more. To keep an eye over all the success matrices one should have a proper tracking system that even consists of the user’s total time on the app, several likes, clicks, shares & views as well.

Here uncover the top engagement mobile app development factor:

Number of Downloads

To measure the app’s success, the very first and foremost thing is to measure how many users your app is having. And that number can be its download number. The larger your app downloads number is the bigger your app success is.

This is considered one of the most important metrics for measuring mobile app success. Keeping an eye on the installs is a much-needed pointer to cover since it is very vital to opt. This factor can be an evaluating factor and it can evaluate your app’s effectiveness that will help you to perform your marketing activities. 

Number of total users 

Keeping an eye on the users tracking of your app is one of the major requirements to generate better engagement to your app. This tracking consists of tracking over users, their likes, etc. To launch successful marketing campaigns, this factor is much needed. These numbers can be Daily Active Users (DAUs), Weekly Active Users (WAUs), and Monthly active users (MAUs). This can be further bifurcated based on devices, ages, and genders.

Active Users 

This metric is quite different from the installation number and downloads metric because it sees if users are using the application. This metric gives a clear understanding of active user growth. Having a clear picture of Daily, monthly, weekly users, active users underestimate is much needed. There is a mandatory factor in tracking this metric, there should be the active user’s rate is higher than the number of new users. For having this, there is a tool, Analytics which has different criteria and evolves sessions as well.  


This is one of the major metrics to follow. Sessions are the time between two consecutive sessions of your app and show the frequency at which users opens and uses the application. This is one of the major tracking factors that notifies you about the addictiveness of the app because it speaks about the user returning behaviour.


This could be considered as the basis engagement metric as it shows the returning behaviour of the user. The percentage of the users that return to your app in the last 30 days defines the app retention rate. This shows how your user is addicted to your app. This could define the behaviour of the users who retain and who not, and you can find the retention rate.

Retention gives you the tracking about the engaged users and builds better targeting opportunities & customization of the app experience.  


Conversion is the major metric that can work as the powerful engagement factor in app success rate. There are various factors upon which this metric depends. Signing up, making a transaction, form filling, review, etc., or the factors that define the targeted goal. Conversion rate is defined as the percentage of users who perform a set of goals.


The mobile app engagement factors are the thing that is much required in measuring the app success. Here we have uncovered the major metrics.

Guest article written by: This is Suhail Khan, an internet explorer cum blog curator at a leading mobile app development company, who has a strong grasp of current marketing tools and strategies and is able to design, build and maintain social media presence with highly engaging reading materials. Via using a strong analytical ability, I evaluate end-to-end customer experience across multiple channels and provide them a strong-based medium to explore.

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