Why You Should Care About Quantum Computing

Even if you’re not a cyber security nerd…

It might be hard to believe that some seemingly far-off and very technologically complicated phenomenon (based on a concept taken directly from quantum physics no less) should be of interest to the everyday human being. But that is exactly the situation we are faced with right now. There is a technological phenomenon being developed right now that has a potentially IMMENSE impact on the future of just about everything. It is coming in the next 5-10 years, but it could be a danger to us right now. The problem is, no one knows enough about it or understands it enough to actually spread the message about this vital new development in technology. That’s where I come in!

While we are all sat at home with little to no concerns for our online security (beyond the idea of our bosses finding out we’ve been using our work computers to check out the latest funny cat video on YouTube or to have a cheeky browse on our favourite online store), this UK company is quietly preparing businesses for an incoming wave of malicious cyberattacks.

Yes, I said cyberattacks.

And no, I am not talking about the kind you see on doctor who.

I’m talking about the kind of attack where a TON of very valuable and private information is stolen from, deleted from, or changed within a database held online. These attacks are already happening at quite a scale, but the kind that are on the horizon are bigger, badder, and harder to deter than anything we’ve ever experienced before.

But why?

The biggest thing in technological advancements right now is a concept called Quantum Computing. This technology is developing fast, and it involves the creation of computers so fast, powerful, and intelligent, that they can literally blow the world’s fastest supercomputer out of the window. Seriously, these things are known to solve problems in mere seconds that would take an ordinary computer millions of years to solve, and even the fastest and more efficient supercomputers tens of thousands of years.  These are quantum computers.

Quantum computers have huge potential to bring good into the world. Once developed enough for safe and widespread use, they’re expected to be able to help us make practically every aspect of our lives more efficient. This would include the accurate prediction of weather patterns and the stock market, the rapid development of artificial intelligence, and the development and creation of drugs. There has even been the suggestion that they might be able to find a cure for currently incurable diseases like Alzhiemers! BUT they also have an equally enormous potential to do bad things. In the wrong hands, a quantum computer could hack into even the most complex cyber security systems in operation today without a hitch. Needless to say, they would make cyber criminals very happy indeed. 

So how do we stop them?

Well, thankfully, during my research on quantum computing, I came across the aforementioned UK business. The clever humans at Arqit have been working away to develop a ‘quantum safe’ cyber security solution. They call it “quantum encryption”. In layman’s terms, quantum encryption works  its way around the insane abilities of quantum computers by completely randomising the data it sends out. You see, computers usually decrypt coded data and messages by searching through the code for a key. Normal computers, and even supercomputers, work by sifting through the data using one potential key at a time (a bit of a “trial and error” situation). But quantum computers will be able to work by searching multiple potential keys at the same time – speeding up the process and helping them to crack the code much faster. However, if the key is completely randomised every time a piece of data is encrypted, and there is no rhyme or reason to follow, the computer won’t be able to find the solution and decrypt the data. Viola!

Whilst this has been a whistle-stop tour of what is actually a very complicated (and dare I say interesting) topic, there are tons of places you can visit to find out more about it. When it comes to finding out more about the latest quantum encryption solution though, the best place to start would be with this paper right here

Happy digging! 

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