Can a locksmith make a copy of a photographed key?

by Calvin on August 2, 2021

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Have you ever been concerned about misplacing your keys in your home? Did you know that a locksmith may manufacture a duplicate of your key based on a photograph of it? Yes, you read that correctly.

Even if you just have a snapshot of your missing keys, locksmiths may provide key duplicating services.

However, how are they able to accomplish this? So, if you’re interested in learning more, keep reading because we’ve got all the answers for you!

What Is The Process Of Duplicating A Key From A Photograph?

There are countless keys and locks available. Nonetheless, they all have a lot of the same functions and characteristics that your locksmith may use to replicate it for copy keys.

First and foremost, the locksmith will examine the key’s brand from the photo. Each brand of the key will have its own unique and distinct design, which can provide some basic information to the locksmith in putting the key copy.

Other parameters such as the spacing and depth of the key cuts, the length of the key, the height of the key, and other distinguishing traits may be identified and measured from here by the locksmith.

Once the locksmith has gathered these dimensions, they will have all of the information they need to properly duplicate the key from a blank key.

Although creating a key from an image takes some time, it is nevertheless considered a successful replication procedure for most types of keys.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Photograph Of My Key?

Having a snapshot of your key on hand may be quite useful, especially if you misplace or lose it.

If you ask your locksmith to replace all of the locks on your doors, you might end up paying a lot more money to address an issue that could be handled with a simple photograph. With a photo, you’ll be able to solve your locksmithing problem for a lot less money.

What Is The Best Way To Keep A Photo Of My Key?

One of the benefits of living in an increasing technology world is that it may assist us in upgrading our lifestyles. In fact, there is a slew of applications where you can store a snapshot of your key.

In the event that you need your key copied, certain programs known as key-cloning apps can even measure the size of the code slices.

Having an app with patented technology for key measurement might make key duplicating a lot easier, however, some applications may charge for this service.

Make sure, though, that the software you’re using is totally secure. Another alternative is to print a photo of your key, scale it to actual size, and keep it safely stored in case you need it.

Maintain in mind that it’s critical to keep the image of your key safe and secure. There are a handful of guides on how to replicate keys from an image online, so make sure your key photo doesn’t end up in the wrong hands!


If you’re ever concerned that you’ll lose your keys unexpectedly, taking a snapshot of them can be a lifesaver in the future, both in terms of convenience and cost.

By comparing the depths and lengths of your keycodes with a photo of your key, locksmiths can obtain an idea of how to replicate it. They can also recognize additional information, such as the key’s brand, which might provide useful information about the key.

You can retain a snapshot of your key on a smartphone app, but it’s critical that you secure it since if it falls into the wrong hands, your house or property’s security might be jeopardized.

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