4 Tips for Mastering Cold Email Marketing

Learn how to send a cold email to entice people to open it up and buy your product. 

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There is a particular art to crafting a cold email that encourages a consumer to open it up and take steps to make a purchase. It can take a lot of research and understanding from your company’s marketing team to find out what the best types of emails can attract your audience. Different types of emails and languages work better with various industries, but a few email tips work across the board. Cold emails allow you to reach more potential customers at once compared to cold phone calls. Take a look at these four tips to ensure that you’re mastering cold email marketing and the right people are opening your emails.

4 Ways to Master the Art of Cold Email Marketing

1. Write a Valuable Email

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Unfortunately, there is no perfect template that you can copy, paste, and send out to all of your customers. Of course, the visuals of your emails can be just as important as the language — which is something we will dive into later. You must practice proper writing tactics to ensure that your messages are easy to read and are highly engaging. When writing your subject line, it is especially true because this is the first part of your email that a reader will see. It should be informative, invoke curiosity, and be honest. In the world of cold email marketing, clickbait is something that will immediately make readers delete or unsubscribe from your emails. 

Once you’ve written a subject line that invites the consumers to keep reading, you have to keep them interested with your body copy. Depending on your industry and what you are selling, it can determine how long your email may be and how much information you need to include — a good rule of thumb is to keep the email as short as possible. Almost everyone will be skimming your message, so don’t drag on. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while developing your email messaging. 

  • Be transparent about the purpose of the email
  • Offer something to the reader and show them why they should care about you
  • Use visuals like photos and videos when possible

2. Experiment With Various Types of Emails

Different emails will probably convince various people to open your emails, so it’s important to brainstorm and test out email formats. From asking questions to telling your company’s story, there are many routes to take regarding email marketing. Some brands are looking to use cold emails to sell their products, and others are looking to build relationships, so the types of emails can significantly depend on the route you are looking to take. 

In general, welcome emails are a great place to start. It’s important to welcome those who recently subscribed to your email list, which is what this email does. It doesn’t have to be anything in-depth, it can give them an introduction to your business, what they can expect from the emails, and you can even add in a special coupon for them to use. Take a look at a few more ideas to add to your marketing campaigns.

  • Company updates
  • Get to know the CEO
  • Curated content
  • Special discounts
  • Tutorials on how to use your products
  • Happy holidays and birthdays

3. Avoid Landing in the Spam Folder

Can a cold email be considered spam? No, it’s an excellent opportunity for companies to reach out to potential customers and clients. There is a significant difference between cold emails and spam messages. The CAN-SPAM Act has been put in place to protect email user’s inboxes from endless amounts of meaningless emails. There are seven straightforward rules to ensure that you abide by the CAN-SPAM Act, which you need to follow in every industry.

  1. Do not misinterpret who you are
  2. Do not use misleading subject lines
  3. Identify in the email is an advertisement
  4. Include your physical business address
  5. Give consumers an opt-out option
  6. Honor when consumers use the opt-out option
  7. If you hire a company to send emails on your behalf, be aware of what they are sending

4. Create Visually Appealing Emails

As we mentioned in the first tip, it’s crucial to grab your customer’s attention as soon as possible. Most people would rather look at or watch something than read a body of text, which you should keep in mind when developing your email marketing templates. You can use various themes, your brand’s colors and show some of the brand’s personality with the graphics you choose. Although visuals are important, make sure you do not overdo it and keep it simple. Ensure that your template is easy to read and add a prominent call to action. For example, create a large button that says ‘Shop Now’ to encourage readers to check out your online store.


Writing a successful cold email can be more challenging than it seems, but it can offer a great return for your company. To master cold email marketing, you and your marketing team have to design appealing emails that are easy to read. You must also avoid sending spam because that can be detrimental to your brand’s reputation as a whole. If you haven’t added email marketing into your advertising techniques, it should be something your company strongly considers. As a result, you can gain new customers, develop return customers, and build relationships. 

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