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Digital marketing is a vast marketing technique that dominates the modern business industry. It is an important pillar of every successful business, in whichever industry you can think of. Whether it is a multimillion-dollar company or a neophyte in the field, they both rely on digital marketing strategies to stay competitive and relevant in the game. You can read more about it here.

Digitalization transformed the world we live in. It took over every aspect of our lives in a single snap. As humans, we are trained to adapt to any kind of situation and turn it into our advantage. Hence, the birth of digital marketing techniques. One of the prime strategies that make digital marketing work is SEO or search engine optimization. SEO is only one out of several digitization techniques, but without it, your business would not even see the light of day.

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website to increase organic traffic and rank higher on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Occupying the top spot of any SERPs creates a positive domino effect for your brands such as increased online visibility, improved credibility, and brand authority. Contrary to popular belief, SEO is more than keyword creation and social media marketing. It is composed of multiple strategies that work together for the greater good of every business, big and small.

Now is the time to start investing in your business’ marketing aspect. You can also opt to hire an SEO company to help you top the coveted Google results page. To give you a little background, here are some of the basic things you need to know about SEO.

How does it work?

It may not look like it but search engines such as Google and Bing play an important role in the online aspect of your business. Now that we have established the importance of search engine optimization, let us look at how search engines and SEO work their magic.

Think of search engines, like Google, as the internet’s librarian with books as the websites. As a responsible keeper of millions of sites, Google familiarizes itself with every website in its database. Its job is to quickly and efficiently respond to every user’s search terms, providing them with the most relevant website available. The question is this: how do they rank the website information’s relevance and credibility?

First, search engines deploy hundreds of online crawlers on the internet. They will gather every piece of content available on the cloud—images, videos, audio, and pages. They will then store this information to the engine’s server or index. Search engines will then organize and rank them based on their keyword search, relevance, traffic, and many more.

According to this website (, some engines also generate a unique algorithm to constantly make index adjustments. This means that securing the top SERPs spot is not enough. Leaving your site unmanaged even for a few weeks can lower your SERP ranking.

What does SEO entail?

Optimization starts in a website audit done by your hired SEO professionals. It is a comprehensive analysis of your website’s current structure and layout and its effect on traffic, functionality, user experience, and management. It also includes a thorough look at your site’s overall health and performance.

An SEO audit and analysis helps in identifying relevant site errors and issues that divert the traffic away from your homepage. Common problems include keyword usage, accessibility, and content issues. In-depth auditing also allows you to discover new revenue and profit opportunities, as well as identify and use new trends to expand your visibility.

An SEO audit’s final goal is to increase the quality and quantity of your traffic, which will then lead you to Google’s top spot. An overall analysis includes the following.

1. Technical SEO

Ensuring your site’s overall health includes checking the performance of your technical SEO—the actual infrastructure of your site. An advanced technical SEO structure is a massive advantage that content strategy alone cannot offer (read more).

The technical aspect of SEO has nothing to do with promotion and website content. It is a bunch of codes that allow search engine crawling and indexing. It is responsible for permitting crawlers to index your website on an engine’s server.

Technical SEO audit tells us your site’s loading capacity, as well as the un-optimized images and videos that affect it. It diagnoses URL and layout problems and accessibility issues such as mobile-friendliness.

2. Keyword research

Keywords and phrases play a massive role in improving your organic ranking. The perfect combination of it can skyrocket your online leads and, eventually, your profit.

Keyword research involves knowing the most popular terms (on a specific topic) that people search for on the internet. After listing a set of targeted keywords and phrases, you can now incorporate it onto your website, where crawlers can take note of it. You can naturally slip it into your site’s blog post, header, title tag, meta tag, and alt tag, You can also use these keywords as an outgoing link that links back to your other pages or to a high domain authority website.

3. Content marketing

Producing quality content is one of the surest ways of increasing your ranking on the SERPs. Substantial and relevant content motivates users to click on your website, stay, and read your entire content. A high-quality content generates high click-through rating, helps in keyword and backlink integration, and provides great user experience.  

Content creation involves a lot of research. Research on the current trends and topics of your industry and create blog posts about it. Choose an irresistible headline and use visually-pleasing design, images, and infographics to stand out from your competition. The key is to catch their attention and keep them engaged.

Include relevant data with valuable website sources to establish authority and legitimacy. Share your craft on various social media platforms to widen your reach.

Also, high-quality content improves your brand credibility towards your target customers. Nothing is more enticing to Millennials than awoke a brand that cares and speaks out on relevant societal issues.

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