Big Data Analytics to Make a Big Headway in Your Business

In today’s fast-changing environment, the biggest challenge is to make sure that your customers relate to your business and also buy your product. These are two different things since people can love your business, but they may not buy your product. They will keep a tab on your new launches, and also visit your website reading about your products, tweeting about them, and even showing love on Instagram. Thus, in spite of having a tremendous inflow of organic traffic, you would be surprised to see them not getting converted to sales–Or are they?

The Business Challenge:

How can you measure the number of people visiting your website, and how many are actually bouncers–a term used for people who just click your link and then close it before it being registered as an organic hit. This presents a huge business challenge for marketers to show as to how do they measure the outcome of their marketing strategies and how the visitors finally buy their product.

The need of the hour is to make sure that your business has the right tools and strategies to market to the right audience. It has traditionally been the hits for websites, but now, there is more involvement of behavior study of the visitors, as to why they do not buy the product, in spite of loving the brand. So, the dilemma being, the brand recall goes high, but the conversion of brand adoption is nowhere close.

Are You Measuring the Big Data?

Marketers should understand that Big data analysis plays a vital role in getting the right numbers on the board. Big data essentially can be either structured, unstructured or semi-structured. To give an idea of the magnanimity of the size of data, Facebook generates an excess of 500 terabytes of data every day, that includes photos, videos, webpages, comments, etc. A typical website that has content uploading, post and downloading can generate more than a petabyte of data in a week. Such huge amounts of data should be analyzed with the right tools so that one can have an idea as to how many visitors are actually talking about the business and its products outside, rather than just casually visiting.

The Answer to Your Web Analytics Puzzle:

Thankfully, web analytics software gives you an array of advanced tools that help you to analyze your visitors on your website and makes you select the right marketing strategies to implement for your brand. Apart from Web analytics, the site offers other tools like accessibility, SEO, Data Privacy and Quality assurance. Web Analytics for big data is now a necessity, since the increase in accessibility of the internet in the third-world countries, which makes your products and brand visible to a larger audience. With the increase in the inflow of visitors, Web analytic tools help you funnel out the most relevant ones and discard the rest. This gives you a more accurate estimate of the ROI for marketing funding,

Google in February 2011, had introduced an update in its SEO, called the panda update. This prevented websites with poor quality content to crawl up in the Google search listings. Hence, you may have created a website for your product, but if the quality of content suffers, then there is no way your brand can make up to the top search list in Google. Thus, it is imperative to improve your website content on a periodic basis. But how can you judge as to how is the quality of your content impacting your sales and brand perception? Websites such as Siteimprove has tools for core platform analysis as well, which enables you to improve your content quality.

Final Thoughts:

The world of tomorrow is changing minute by minute, and the last 5 years has seen the most significant uprising in terms of internet adaptability and IoT. This puts a direct challenge on the companies to make sure that their products are always talked about on the internet, either through the Vlog channels, Blogs, tech websites. All this collectively contributes towards your brand awareness, and with the aid of the latest in web analytics tools, today’s marketers are overcoming over a tough challenge in bringing in return on their marketing investments, reaching out to the right audience, and increase their productivity through a glass-door view of the visitors on their websites.

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