Why Native App Development is not Meant for Small Businesses

There is no doubt that native apps have many advantages. They have exceptional performance, better security, and feel more interactive and intuitive. Developers can access the complete feature sets of the devices, and these apps have fewer bugs. Although, despite all these advantages, businesses, especially smaller ones, should steer clear from native app development. It’s … Read more →

Why small businesses should be investing in research and development

Small businesses often run and hide when they hear the terms research and development but they shouldn’t fear it. The truth is research and development can save small businesses money, can help improve their products and will help improve a business bottom line when done correctly. What exactly is research and development? Research and development … Read more →

6 Benefits of Website SEO for Startups and Small Businesses

As a small business or startup owner, it’s exciting to think about the many marketing options available to sell one’s products or services. You might be considering SEO, and you 100% should! Here are the top benefits of web SEO services for startups and small businesses you need to know!  1. A User-Friendly Website Not … Read more →

Digital Trends SMBs Need To Focus On [Infographic]

The twenty first century business is transforming and what transforming the most is brand experience that businesses want to deliver to their customers. The art of doing business is also transforming from traditional approach to a digital one. People are more and more involving into digital activities like social media and digital devices like smartphones … Read more →

How A Small Business Should Use Technology

For any small business to thrive and compete with the bigger names in their industry, it is essential that they embrace new technology. Technology has always played a huge role in business, but the advances over the last decade have transformed the landscape. When harnessed by small businesses, technology can level the playing field and … Read more →