6 Benefits of Website SEO for Startups and Small Businesses

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As a small business or startup owner, it’s exciting to think about the many marketing options available to sell one’s products or services. You might be considering SEO, and you 100% should! Here are the top benefits of web SEO services for startups and small businesses you need to know! 

1. A User-Friendly Website

Not only does SEO ensure your website is suitable for search engines, but it will also improve the overall user experience. Incorporating SEO will provide a well-structured and readable website for startups and small businesses. Additionally, the website will be relevant to the website searchers, which will increase your overall dwell time. 

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2. Gaining a Steady Stream of New Potential Customers

A startup or small business entrepreneur will desire a website with SEO primarily to attract highly relevant visitors and join their sales funnel. When you work with high-quality web SEO services, you will benefit from ranking on Google for the desired keywords. Ranking for a relevant keyword is essential because doing so will result in your business’s website receiving new visitors every month. 

How many new visitors your website gets will depend on the keywords your business targets? Highly competitive keywords with regularly high search volumes will obtain more relevant website visitors. However, if the search volume and the keywords’ competitiveness level are low, you will receive fewer search visitors.

As a small business or startup entrepreneur, you may be wondering how your website can start ranking for highly competitive keywords. The good thing about web SEO services and working with the best website optimization company is that you can start ranking for many lower competition keywords in a short time. Once you start ranking for the low competition, low search volume keywords, your website can target the high competition, high search volume more effectively.

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3. Improve Awareness for Your Brand

Once people continually see your brand’s website ranking on the first page of Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP), they will remember it more easily. This activity will improve your business’s brand recall among both customers and potential customers. 

Brand recall is integral because when these potential customers need a product or service similar to your small business or startup, they will think of your brand first! 

Customers are far more likely to trust websites that rank highly on a reliable, trusted search engine website like Google. Even if there are businesses in your niche that are more successful or bringing in more revenue, this aspect becomes less relevant for searchers when seeking products or services on Google. That is the power of website SEO management services.

When a potential customer is presented with a highly ranked, unique website on Google, they’re more likely to choose it because the option allows them to avoid checking out too many competitors offering the same product.

Regardless of how excellent or high-quality your product or service is, you will need the best website optimization company for your small business or startup to help you market that product or service.

4. A Faster, More Convenient Website

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Part of SEO is making sure your website is working well. As a small business or startup owner, you may be wondering what website speed may have to do with your website’s SEO. Google rewards websites that provide seamless user experiences on their platforms with higher rankings for their desired keywords. 

The converse is also true. So, if your website has poor loading speed, unpleasant design, higher bounce rate, and other issues, Google will punish your website by reducing its rankings.

This trait of Google is why you must make sure you work with the best website optimization company to help you accomplish these goals. Web SEO services will optimize your website for the best loading speeds and other technical SEO aspects to make sure your website hits all the marks and ranks high for your desired keywords. 

5. Improved Conversion Rates

Since websites that incorporate web SEO services work faster and, overall, better for website visitors, they are far more convenient for them to scroll through and navigate. Them spending more time on your website results in longer dwell times, lower bounce rates, and, therefore, better conversions.

Your potential customers will stay on your website longer because they will be able to find everything they’re looking for on your website with relative ease. This traffic also won’t be “generic” by any means. The traffic will be particular and specialized for your niche and business. The vast majority of the visitors will be your target consumers searching for a product or service like yours. 

So, what does all this highly relevant traffic result in? It results in a sky-high conversion rate for your website’s offerings.

6. SEO is a Very Cost-efficient Marketing Exercise

Let’s compare SEO with paid marketing practices. Small businesses and startups don’t usually have massive budgets to shell out on paid advertising regularly. The good thing about SEO is that it’s all organic traffic rather than paid traffic. 

Once you’ve completed a paid (or Pay-per-click) campaign, the traffic will stop coming through. So, you’d need to start a new campaign to obtain new leads and sales. On the other hand, with organic traffic from SEO, you will not experience this issue.

Guest article written by: Aaron Tyler is a Senior Account Manager at the award-winning digital marketing company Search Berg. As his specialties, he provides small business SEO services and backlinking services. Over his illustrious career, Aaron has helped thousands of businesses skyrocket their rankings and conversions. He helps them by implementing actionable SEO strategies. He regularly writes digital marketing content for the Search Berg blog.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your views. SEO is foundation for any small or big business, but very few business owner understand this.

  2. Truth to be told, SEO is essential when it is done in parallel with web development. It is much better and easier to start any web project on the right foot. Definitely the speed and intuitive UI are not just part of development, but essential part of SEO.

  3. I created my first blog in 2018, write about 50 articles but none of them ranks on google because I didn’t know anything about SEO, I abandoned the blog and continue with my business, I created another blog and applied the little knowledge of on-page SEO to it, to my surprise, I had featured snippets and still rank on first and second Google page. SEO is great!

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