Best Predictive Analytics Software in 2021 

The success of the business depends on how accurately and timely it takes the decisions. These decisions are not just related to the current situation but also for the future. All these decisions are based on the available data and how a business analyse that data.  

Predictive analytics software are approaches and techniques that are used to analyse the raw data and extract useful information. This data and information are then used to predict trends and behavior patterns for the future.  

Predictive analytics software has made it possible to collect and analyse a large amount of data. It doesn’t matter if the data is structured through a system or in form of unstructured data. These tools use two main types of techniques that are classified as regression techniques and machine learning techniques.  

There are several predictive analytics software or business intelligence Software available that you can use for making accurate and timely decisions for your business. Below are the details of some of the best predictive analytics software

1- Insight Squared 

There are a lot of predictive analytics software vendors available that offers different predictive analytics software, however, Insight Squared is among the best predictive analytics software. There is no fixed price for the use of the tool. Since this software is fit for businesses of all sizes, all you need to do is to provide the details of your business and the purpose of the use and get a quoted price. 

Insight Squared reduces the risk by unlocking all the details. It is available for almost every major customer relationship management software used by companies. This tool has been designed to integrate with all of the existing tools you use and automatically sync the user data so that you don’t have to do it manually. 

2- ClicData

A popular predictive analytics software vendor that provides you with the best solution for collecting and analysing data in form of “ClicData”. This predictive analytics software has been designed as a complete solution as you get data collection, processing and management at one place. You can represent data by creating meaningful dashboards by using its dashboard designer. 

You will be able to get rid of the manual work as ClicData automates the whole process. It offers affordable plans for all the businesses that have powerful features and starts from $71 per month. Its latest technology enables the teams that rely on data to conveniently collect and handle the data and make attractive visuals. Find all the data at one secure place along with regular automatically generated reports. 

3- Sisense

Sisense is one of the best predictive analytics software that has been designed to perform powerful analytics for you. A brilliant solution for data experts, business intelligence, developers, product managers and business leaders to simplify the complex data. The prices are not fixed as you will be provided with a quoted price as per your requirements. 

It enables businesses to deploy analytics applications to optimize creativity and engagement. You can create multiple applications like interactive dashboards, BI applications, self-service analytics and many others. You can embed the analytics in every application or business operation with full customization. Turn your data in actionable information by collecting it from every single source in your organization.  

4- Tableau 

This predictive analytics software enables people to analyse data in the most powerful way by allowing them to collect it from anywhere. This predictive analytics software vendor offers economical plans and requires a minimum investment of $70 per month. Tableau has been designed for everyone that’s why it offers brilliant built-in visuals that enable you to keep extracting data conveniently while this software keeps on analysing the data. 

Tableau has more than one million members that are always ready to support each and other. Each member gets the opportunity to learn from the connections by exploring their experiences and best practices. The best thing about Tableau is that it can be integrated with your existing applications and you can deploy it easily on-premises or in the cloud. You will get the best data governance and management with fully integrated AI and ML capabilities.  

5- Qlik 

Qlik is among the best predictive analytics software that offers one of the best associative analytics engines, a platform with high cloud performance and sophisticated AI. This predictive analytical software empowers every person in the organization to make accurate and timely decisions. It doesn’t work like query-based BI tools as it has been developed for everyone. Either you are an executive, decision-maker or analysts, Qlik allows you to uncover all the insights of the data. 

Qlik allows the user to explore data from anywhere. They can perform data analytics again and again with the ability to highlight each time the latest relationship within the data. Data analytics can be performed with completely automated actions. Combine and load data easily from all the sources. Present the data by creating smart visualization and use drag & drop feature to build analytical applications.  

6- Board 

Another brilliant predictive analytics software that has been designed to completely change the way you manage and utilize your business data. This predictive analytics software vendor has combined all the features in this tool that make it a powerful data machine. Board is the single solution for all the data related needs of an organization. Now businesses can do business intelligence, performance management and advanced analytics at one place.  

Board allows you to conveniently extract the data from multiple resources, perform fruitful analysis, generate impactful reports and present the information with interactive dashboards. Organizations can link the insights provided by the business intelligence to the business processes. Extract the data automatically and linked the data with predictive models.

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