6 Ways To Optimize Your Network For VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol, which is the full form of VoIP, is an advancement in communication technology that enables view calling on the internet. The internet is the most significant communication network today, which connects people from far and wide. It has been used for data transfer like images, videos, documents, and now with VoIP has enabled voice calling over the internet just as the general telephone services. Many small and medium businesses, households, institutions, etc. are now switching over to VoIP technology.

This is because the VoIP system:

  • Reduces cost of calling as compared to traditional phone services
  • Provides additional functionalities
  • Reduces complexity of wiring over the complete area preserving the aesthetics of the building
  • Several VoIP service providers offer specialized services to their customers

The VoIP system entirely depends on the quality of the internet connection available. The faster the internet connection, the better the communication.

The problems of data loss and jitter may arise at faster speeds. In data transfer, the lost and damaged packets of information are retrieved and conveyed completely with a delay. Voice calling over the internet, if the packets of information get lost in the path, and a delay arises, then the complete message will not be understood by the person at the receiving end of the data. 

It fails the entire concept of VoIP, and the profits for a company can be compromised. To avoid such troubles after installing the VoIP system and utilizing the VoIP system efficiently and adequately, we must consider the following points before installing the VoIP system.

Know Your Requirement

Before we buy any product, we think about its use. Whatever things we buy, we use it to get the worth of our money in every possible way. In the case of VoIP, also we need to know our requirements or our company’s requirement. It is decided by the type of work being performed majorly that it is to be made easier by the installation of the VoIP system.

Suppose in one sales firm major work is done on calls and there is another sales firm where employees are engaged in field sales. Both these firms have different usage of telephone services, and thus the first firm will be mostly benefitted by the VoIP system, which will reduce its monthly expenditures on calling. 

In contrast, the second firm with lesser utilization of telephone services will need a simple VoIP system. Understanding the firm’s requirements helps us quickly determine the types of equipment to be installed, the type of cables and routers utilized, the type of communication system, etc.

Also consider SIP alg best practice, because Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) which is a cornerstone in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) transmissions.

Good Internet Connectivity

VoIP systems are generally provided in three ways of communication as given by the service provider

  • IP Phone Connection
  • Computer software connection
  • Connection in an ordinary phone by ATA box type device


The working of the VoIP system depends on the network speed available. The better the network speed, the clearer the messages will be delivered. Internet connectivity also depends on the service provider for VoIP. 

Quality of Equipment

The efficiency of VoIP systems also depends on the quality of equipment utilized. By equipment, we mean the router, ethernet cables, etc. There are different types of ethernet cables that support different speeds of data. The kind of ethernet cable attached to the VoIP system is determined by the internet speed available and the VoIP system’s optimal usage. 

Many businesses use older routers with new ethernet cables. Though older equipment usage seems cheaper initially would cost more money in the long run for repair and maintenance. Therefore compatible equipment should be attached during the installation of the VoIP System. Many times it is costly to change every ethernet cable and every router connected in the location. In such cases, essential connections must be replaced.

Source of Power to the VoIP System

The source of power mostly used for the VoIP System is the POE, which stands for Power Over the Internet. The VoIP devices get their strength either from the pc nearby or from the router attached. The POE+ is also available, which is the better source of energy centrally for all the VoIP devices. The source can distort messages.


The VLAN is a virtual local area network that creates a virtual space to store particular local data traffic. This is very beneficial as the data received over the internet travels long distances to reach a specific destination or receiver in voice calling. 

This stores the message in virtual storage and arranges, and any loss of data can be easily handled, and the message is delivered better. The critical thing to determine in this case is the amount of space that is to be assigned for VLAN. As IP Router Login suggests it depends on the utilization of the client.

Prioritization of the Communication and Data Files

It is necessary to understand the types and amount of data traveling over the firm’s internet connection. The data files like the documents, emails, and utilization of the internet connection for voice calling and video conferencing the amounts of which also determine the VoIP system’s suitability. 

The total speed of the internet required is determined by this amount considering which the VoIP systems are installed. It is the firm responsibility to determine the priority of the data that it wants to transfer over its internet connection.

Therefore, before installing the VoIP system, it will be better to prepare a plan of action while discussing it with your service provider. Whether the firm has an in-house network connectivity expert or not, the right service provider will prove entirely to be useful. A VoIP System installed considering all the factors will prove an asset to the businesses or anyone using it.

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