3 Life-Changing Tech Upgrades You Can Afford

The desire ends in possession. You may enjoy the devices you’ve finally acquired for some time, but the yearning for something new would knock on your door someday. When a great desire like this strikes, it seems like there are only two roads to choose from — yield or stay hungry. However, there’s always that middle ground we often ignore, which is usually the solution to curb the longing, but at not too high a cost.

 We’re talking about tech upgrades, where one could get the same functionality and capacity without the lavish expenses. Also, early adopters use a bit of creativity to get a feature that isn’t available yet. Here are three life-changing boosts that you might want to consider so that you can save your hard-earned bucks on something else.

Using Simulators For A More Realistic VR Game Play

An artificial environment is a gateway to various possibilities. Apart from immersing in heart-stopping tours and dreamlike adventures, virtual reality is also a place for sports enthusiasts. With a wide array of sports games libraries, you can break a sweat and enjoy these amusements while in your living area. 

However, some players might want to take their virtual sports further. For example, a golf player who would like to practice their swings couldn’t track their performance with the game alone. Fortunately, home golf simulators provide the much-needed boost so that golfers can measure their progress. There are other sports simulation apps and devices in the market that can satiate an athlete’s requirements. They should serve as great substitutes while the available technology isn’t smart enough to provide every function in one sleek device.

Turn Your iPad Into A MacBook

When you find yourself in the quandary of buying an iPad or a Macbook, taking some time to stroll around the marketplace could help you decide. The situation would be easier if you finally bought an iPad, and you’re wondering whether it is practical to swipe your mother’s card for the newly released Macbook or not. It’s because you can now turn your iPad into a Macbook without spending more than $100!

This Typecase Touch iPad Pro keyboard case is one of the best money-savers out there. It’s one of those products having more worth than its actual cost as it saves you hundreds of bucks from purchasing another technology that could serve as another display a few months after. This accessory bestows your iPad with a stylish keyboard that lights up, a light-weight but hard protective case, and the newly-added touchpad. The brand offers more keyboard cases for various iPad cases, and you can check them out through the Typecase website.

Mobile Telescope and Lens Attachments

Nothing can replace DSLR cameras, and no amount of marketing copy could thwart any photography simp that a mobile phone lens attachment could replace such tech. Still, these portable telescopes and lenses do wonders for people who are happy taking pictures with their phones alone. 

Apart from boosting a phone’s camera, these mobile accessories are perfect for travelers who bring nothing but their phones, wallets, and a few clothes with them. If you are not a professional photographer and would like to enjoy the environment while capturing some memories, these lens attachments would be great alternatives for a $1500 DSLR camera.

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  1. Certainly affordable technology, that everybody can afford. Probably can add that currently LED lights are quite cheap and can make a read difference, even when you use cheap webcam, nice addition to the lenses for mobile that were mentioned.


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