Eliminate all data loss caused by legacy communication systems

The goal of any business—whether small, medium, or large enterprise—is to grow and acquire a large number of customers. To achieve this, they often need help from advanced technologies and features that streamline their business processes. A few years back, the legacy on-premise systems were the medium of communication for businesses. They came with heavy … Read more →

5 Prime Reasons to Choose ShoreTel

Sponsored Post ShoreTel is a top-rated company that enables unified communications, video conferencing and collaboration in business environments. The ShoreTel VoIP support helps information to flow in a faster manner which is advantageous to many businesses. Those wondering which telecommunications company to choose should opt for ShoreTel due to the following reasons. Ease to Utilize … Read more →

6 Ways To Optimize Your Network For VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol, which is the full form of VoIP, is an advancement in communication technology that enables view calling on the internet. The internet is the most significant communication network today, which connects people from far and wide. It has been used for data transfer like images, videos, documents, and now with VoIP … Read more →

How to Integrate Your New VoIP Phone with Internal Communications at Work?

Strong internal communication is vital for an organization to progress in any industry. So many problems that occur on a regular basis in organizations are due to a breakdown of communication. It impacts all aspects of a business from employee safety to customer experience. VoIP is a communication system that allows phone calls to be … Read more →

Tools to Bring to Your Remote Workplace Together

More businesses are getting used to the concept of ‘remote-workplace’ than ever before due to burgeoning infra cost for office setup and physical communication hassles. Also, with remote-workplace culture stepping in, a global workforce can be accessed so that there can be diversity and multiple thoughts can go into a business. Working remotely also has … Read more →

3 Things that Small Businesses Waste Massive Amounts of Money On

While “getting more for less” is a best practice for all businesses, firms in the small business world need to treat this like a fundamental requirement: because paying too much and getting too little doesn’t just mean angry shareholders or unplanned asset sell-offs. Eventually, it leads to shutting down entirely. Yet despite this fact, many … Read more →

How to Use VOIP Through Wi-Fi

Tired of spending way too much money on phone bills every month? Well, there’s good news! Now, you can enjoy local and long distance calls for little or no money at all thanks to the convergence of Wi-Fi technology and VOIP technology. VOIP has been around for quite some time now. Simply put, it is … Read more →

Three Ways VoIP Can Save Your Money

Every business owner, no matter how big or small his business is, is always looking for ways to become successful without spending too much money. As such, they are willing to embrace any kind of technology or service that will help them save money. VOIP is one such technology that can help you save money … Read more →

3 Game-Changing Organizational Tools for Small Business Owners

Easy ways to make your small business more professional and efficient Over the last few years, the accessibility of business software has exploded. With the advent of cloud and mobile computing, small businesses are able to match larger competitorsí organization and efficiency on an unprecedented level – and that means greater opportunity, but also stronger … Read more →

Five situations where having a high speed internet connection can be very handy

There is nothing more frustrating than having a slow broadband connection when you are in a hurry. Wanting to get something done quickly and yet your computer doesn’t seem to appreciate the haste in which you need to achieve your goal. There are numerous reasons as to why you would want to speed up your … Read more →

Use VoIP on Your Android and Blackberry With Google Voice

All you Android and yes, of course BlackBerry users, attention! Now you can make calls from their mobile phones using Google Voice. Users have the advantage of a platform that can synchronize SMS, unified phone number and automated voicemail transcription. Earlier the calls could be made only using a web interface but Google Voice makes … Read more →