‘Switch to VoIP’ Seems Intimidating?  Not with these 6 Genius Steps!

Sticking to the same old software, tactics, and approach doesn’t help attain success, always. Fortunately, investing in modern tools and technologies can help you bounce back.

Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP is one such advanced technology that is a boon for any business. It’s a gold mine, instead.

But, how does one switch to VoIP? How to test the waters so that it doesn’t boomerang?

Get in touch with a seasoned VoIP provider! Besides that, a reliable internet connection.

If you are looking for a guaranteed walk-through to switch to VoIP, these ingredients will end up setting it pretty painlessly.

Is It a Proven Strategy to Switch to VoIP in 6 Easy Steps?

Indeed, it is!

  1. It all begins with planning
  2. Invest in a Robust Internet Connection
  3. Get ready with a reliable network system
  4. Recruit a Seasoned VoIP provider
  5. Select & Install VoIP system
  6. Train your Staff to explore VoIP paybacks 

1. It all begins with planning

Switching to VoIP used to be an intimidating task in the past. What made it daunting was the hardware & installation cost (especially for the SMBs). Now, with cloud PBX solutions, these are no longer the problems. However, the switch to VoIP is still significant.

It is highly recommended to avoid investing in a poor infrastructure or that lacks adequate training. Don’t settle for something average. It all starts with a good blueprint.

2. Invest in a Robust Internet Connection

A highly reliable internet connection is the heart of a successful VoIP system (right from installation to final setup and further).

The minimum of 100 Kbps per line is a must. Patiently check both the upload and download speeds to keep the connection steady throughout. Yes, you can even use Wi-Fi to operate your VoIP phone system.

We guess you already have an internet connection. However, if that isn’t fast enough, upgrade it before you switch to a VoIP phone system.

3. Get ready with a reliable network system

Network hardware is not always up to the mark. That needs an upgrade. VoIP works best when wired into a switch setup or router. Use Ethernet cables to plug every phone into the network. The network switches further connect to the router for quick & smart network performance.

Larger offices require several switches along with a VLAN configuration. VLAN intends to segment the network using the MAC addresses to keep everything organized. That’s how the performance of VoIP devices operates without getting stuck in network congestion.

We recommend not investing in layered routers. That might hamper the performance of VoIP calls. Use a switch instead, as it handles the VoIP traffic aptly.

4. Recruit a Seasoned VoIP provider

Switching to VoIP seems intimidating, mostly to small businesses. They aren’t ready to spend thousands of dollars to get started with VoIP. However, there isn’t a thing to worry, when you have a cloud PBX solution.

But, don’t just recruit anyone you met yesterday. Take your time to research the best VoIP providers in the market. Analyze them thoroughly before making a decision.

Select the VoIP provider who delivers improved business communication. In other words, the call quality, security, and reliability should be their headache, once you have hired them.

Also, understand what data centers are doing. It is not always necessary that top-of-the-line phones or an excellent internet service delivers the best call quality. 

5. Select & Install VoIP system

Next, select the best VoIP hardware for your office. But, how does a newbie choose the appropriate hardware?

Here’s how you can pick the best VoIP system:

  • If you want to keep the desk phone system in your office, it is best to go for VoIP phones.
  • Go for VoIP soft phones in case you already have internet-connected equipment.
  • You need a VoIP adapter if your business demands the retrofit of an existing PBX setup.
  • VoIP headsets are a good option for those who want a hands-free feature.

Also, you can use VoIP apps to manage all voice calls using your phone or computer. Switching to VoIP is simple. No complete transformation is needed. All you need is a reliable VoIP provider, who can do that for you.

Besides, it depends on the business how the installation process takes place. Consider the internet connection, hardware setup, and network system as well.

SMBs can switch to VoIP just by plugging in a few phones at their workplace. Bigger ones can opt for multiple switches.

6. Train Your Staff to Explore VoIP Paybacks

Change in the workplace is always intimidating for the employees. And, installing new technology is one of them.

Hence, it is essential to run a training program before you switch to VoIP.

Educate staff members about this new installation. An experienced manager must guide the staff accordingly. IT managers must help everyone learn how VoIP works. Enterprises also need to figure out how VoIP impacts their business

Last but Not Least

Switching to VoIP is an intelligent decision for your business communication. You can save up to 90% on international calls. Also, phone bills are a significant expense for any business. Hence, unavoidable.

It is a smart idea to switch to VoIP solutions for excellent features, including HD calling, unlimited international calls, free VoIP to VoIP calling, and all this irrespective of their location.

Companies charge premiums for advanced features. However, when you switch to a VoIP phone system, this cost tumble.

When you switch to VoIP, be sure to be on the track. Follow these simple yet effective processes to ensure the appropriate VoIP installation.

Guest article written by: I, Josiah, COO at TeleCloud, have been working with customers in the telecommunications space for more than 15 years. I have always believed that there is no one company that has all the solutions for every company. It is for this reason that I have dedicated my career to making Telecom simple for end-users and easily accessible.

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