Tools to Bring to Your Remote Workplace Together

More businesses are getting used to the concept of ‘remote-workplace’ than ever before due to burgeoning infra cost for office setup and physical communication hassles. Also, with remote-workplace culture stepping in, a global workforce can be accessed so that there can be diversity and multiple thoughts can go into a business. Working remotely also has its own benefits for employees as there can be much flexibility for them. While completing a professional task, they can also devote themselves to their home. Some of the noteworthy benefits associated with working remotely are as follows.

  • Comfortably working in one’s own home
  • Comparatively lesser stress
  • It can be a lot more satisfying
  • An employee can prepare his own schedule
  • There are more chances for travel
  • Time management can be done properly for the personal life.

Apart from them, there are also many other benefits of working remotely but it is also important that the work gets completed in time. So, for that, there are many tools that can help the process. Here, we shall take a look at some of those tools that can help in simplifying remote working and at the same time, promote productivity and professional growth of an employee.

VoIP can be helpful for a business – Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can be very highly desired in these changing times where remote working is preferred by businesses. Unlike a copper-wired connection, VoIP phone system makes use of the internet to facilitate calls and multimedia-based applications. In this form of IP telephony, voice communication and video sessions can be done with ease irrespective of an employee’s physical location. Therefore, businesses can now look forward to hiring a global workforce for a job.

Moreover, if a VoIP-based PBX system is available, all these communication processes can be completed seamlessly. Therefore, VoIP in recent times has become a highly desired tool for many businesses.

Virtual phone numbers can be quite useful – A virtual phone number is also known as an access number or direct inward dialing (DID). It is a type of telephone number which does not have a directly linked telephone line. These types of numbers are configured in such a way that incoming calls can be forwarded to a set of pre-defined telephone numbers that can be fixed by a client. These pre-defined telephone numbers can either be mobile numbers, landline numbers or VoIP.

It can function as a type of gateway between VoIP and PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). Hence, one can see how a virtual number can be helpful for a remote employee so that a call can be connected to the employee without using a traditional phone. The clarity of these calls can be quite clear due to packet-communication technology and calls do not tend to drop off in them. Moreover, they can also be programmed as per working hours of a day or according to the weekdays.

Some superb Cloud storage services – Since the last few years, working on Cloud environment has dominated the business landscape as it offers more flexibility and enhanced performance. It is also a superb sharing tool specifically for Collaboration and remote Cloud Storage in which documents and multimedia files may be too bulky to send otherwise.

Google Drive – When we are discussing Cloud storage options, Google Drive cannot be missed out. It is a type of Cloud storage in which files and folders can be kept safely at a centralized location so that every stakeholder can access it as needed. One can save spreadsheets, slide presentations and share documents using the drive. Reporting can also be done through it on weekly metrics. What’s more, it can also be synced with other devices so that an employee can view or update a file from any worldwide location.

Asana is a reliable communicating tool – Asana is a fantastic Cloud-based tool that can help in keeping the communication process of an enterprise running pleasantly at all times. Instead of using a lot of confusing e-mail threads that can run you into knots, using Asana can be more simple and direct. Additionally, it also offers conversation tracking, project archives, team assignments and task management features which can be highly useful for a business. The best part is that a business can opt for a trial of this communication tool before deciding to use its Premium Services so that it can be assured of its offerings.

Productivity tools can help to gauge – While working remotely, an employee’s productivity can always be doubted so that some form of measuring productivity is highly needed for any business. Remote productivity is a very vital part of any remote worker. Remote employee management is very important as that can have a bearing on a complete team. However, to help in this process, there are remote productivity tools that can be very effective to determine the productivity of remote employees.

‘Todoist’ is one such productivity tool that can be useful for any business. It can help in allocating tasks and managing remote teams more efficiently. It also offers many features for businesses that include options to create a project, set reminders, allot tasks or subtasks, set flags, uploads files, add notes and even make a productivity chart.

All these tools apart from many others can be very useful for remote working processes so that they are highly opted by businesses that promote remote-working culture. In fact, looking at the growth of remote-working businesses, there is a whole lot of technology companies that are creating more products that can help these businesses.

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