Five situations where having a high speed internet connection can be very handy

There is nothing more frustrating than having a slow broadband connection when you are in a hurry. Wanting to get something done quickly and yet your computer doesn’t seem to appreciate the haste in which you need to achieve your goal.

There are numerous reasons as to why you would want to speed up your broadband connection and we have listed five of the most important below.

Downloading: Whether you are downloading your favorite movie, or a new song that you can’t get out of your head, there’s nothing worse than waiting an eternity for the file to completely download. The difference between a superfast broadband connection and a traditional connection can be tremendous. While a traditional, line-based connection could take days to download a movie, a good fibre optic broadband connection can often do it in minutes. Click here for more information the ins and outs of this technology.

Live streaming: Many TV channels are now offering live streaming, as well as a catch-up TV service, and a fast internet connection is vital if you are to receive a good quality picture that isn’t buffering every few seconds. Very often, if it is a sporting event, or something specific that has caught the interest of many people, this is even more important as this can slow down the speed to which you are receiving the signal even further.

Gaming: Whether you are a fan of online gaming or even if you just play games consoles at home, the quality of your broadband speed can significantly affect the quality of your gaming. For those playing online a superfast connection, ideally fiber optic broadband is something you should consider. If you are only playing games with others within your home a slower connection can seriously interfere with your ability to download updates for games and often result in the console not being able to download them at all.

VoIP: (voice over IP): Many people are now opting for VoIP, especially with video, as this is a cheaper alternative to using the telephone and this is certain to run a lot smoother with a fast connection. A slower connection will often result in the picture freezing and gaps where you can’t hear the person on the other end clear enough. If you have a loved one who lives half way around the world it’s nice to know you can see and hear them clearly whenever you like. A great example of this technology is of course, Skype.

Smart TVs: This latest technological addition to the household relies heavily on the internet, with internet TV, the ability to add content from the internet and a range of other interactive functions mean smart TVs run a lot better with a fast internet connection.

With the 2012 Olympic Games in London right around the corner, there are concerns that internet traffic is going to become considerably heavier as it is being streamed around the world, and if you don’t have a fast connection then you may experience some difficulty. Now may be the time to upgrade and make sure that when you sit down to watch the 100 meter sprint final on the net, that it doesn’t take 20 minutes to complete.

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Guest article written by: Kerry butters on behalf of


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Guest article written by: Kerry butters on behalf of


5 thoughts on “Five situations where having a high speed internet connection can be very handy”

  1. We’ve recently invested in a VDSL connection here in Greece – the difference in our online gaming experience was staggering! Also, don’t forget about uploading, if you’re into video marketing or digital video montage. The high upload rate can be a tremendous help.

  2. looking back, I don’t understand, how I could live without internet. seems very strange- but I remember using fax and telephone to keep my business running. Those days mostly everything Im using connected to internet- TV, phone

  3. This is absolutely right, whenever we are getting slow internet we got frustrate at that time. Which ever Idea was given by you that can be used and I think definitely it will work.


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