5 Prime Reasons to Choose ShoreTel

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ShoreTel is a top-rated company that enables unified communications, video conferencing and collaboration in business environments. The ShoreTel VoIP support helps information to flow in a faster manner which is advantageous to many businesses. Those wondering which telecommunications company to choose should opt for ShoreTel due to the following reasons.

Ease to Utilize and Switch Data

When one needs to save data when using ShoreTel it is easy. Sometimes, information technology managers can prefer a specific network. Thus, they can switch from HP to Cisco or choose a different product such as Dell or Netgear.

For instance, anyone using Cisco can switch as they wish. With this phone system, one can downgrade or upgrade as one desires. 

Easy to Use

ShoreTel is designed with features that are easy to use. Most VoIP phone systems are complicated because it’s like software placed in a phone. This way, some terminologies work differently from how they are labeled, making them difficult for users. However, when using ShoreTel, the language means as written; for instance, “hold” means hold.

Though this phone system is easy to use, one should be careful when using it. Those trying to use the various systems should ask for a demo. ShoreTel vendors are always ready to help users through onsite demos.

Top-Notch Management

ShoreTel Director is a management interface that is easy to use for businesses. It’s software that can be used anywhere, anytime and has a “help” option when the user gets stuck. However, ShoreTel vendors can train anyone, including office managers, business owners or even the receptionist. This way, anyone can control how they use their money, and there’s no need to ask for help from data people. However, those with onsite information technology specialists can quickly get the benefit of managing their businesses.


Businesses can either be small, medium or large enterprises. Most networks, including Cisco, Siemens and Avaya, use the same model. When one outgrows these phone networks and needs a larger version, they need to replace the hardware. Again, it’s not guaranteed that the license transfers to the new phone. 

However, ShoreTel uses a similar system for up to 20,000 phones.  Small businesses can use the SBE software. However, when large organizations outgrow, they need to change the software. The advantage is that phones, features and licenses migrate. This way, business managers don’t have to stress about replacing and upgrading.

Communication Software

When using ShoreTel, one doesn’t need to worry about license and professional version voice mail. This is because this phone system has a personal communicator for every user. Thus, it’s easy to operate several considerations, including visual voice mail and contact status. Though, this phone system has a single voice mail. This personal communicator software works on almost all PC or Mac versions. It also has a Web-based version that specific workstations that don’t qualify can use. 

Despite the availability of several phone systems, ShoreTel is the best. It’s advantageous for either small or large businesses. Again, licenses, phones and other important things don’t need replacement once the company outgrows the phone system. All they need to do is change the software and continue with their business.

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