How to Use Google Chrome: 5 User-friendly Features

Google Chrome is the most popular browser. It helps users search for information, read about a TonyBet bonus, or even watch videos. However, most people are not aware of the hidden features that make surfing the Internet a lot easier. Here are the 5 main features of Chrome flags.

Parallel Loading

Chrome makes multiple connections simultaneously to download a single file in batches to improve your download speed. This technology has long been used by downloaders. While normal browser-based programs download in a single stream, they can create multiple concurrent connections to a server and simultaneously download different file parts from it.

Drag and Drop Multiple Tabs Together

Users often have a dozen tabs open and are dragging and dropping them one by one. Ctrl-click and drag a few tabs together so that you can organize your browsing experience faster. The tabs will stay in the group. To separate them, Ctrl-click on the ones you don’t need.

Turn Off Hanging Tabs

Chrome has a task manager that shows you the tabs that are open, the apps you’re running, and how much RAM they’re using. If a particular tab is slowing down your whole browser and won’t close, launch the manager (Shift + Esc) and close the tab from there.

Remember to Bookmark All Your Tabs at Once

Sometimes you need to collect a lot of information on a topic. So you can study it later. It takes a long time to save each tab, and it takes a long time to copy the links into a document too, so save all your open tabs with the combination Ctrl + Shift + D (or Cmd + Shift + D for macOS). All you have to do is select the appropriate folder for them.

Assign Hotkeys

Set up quick access to some extensions. Go to the installed extensions page chrome://extensions, scroll to the bottom and click on “Shortcuts”. In the menu, you’ll see functions and extensions that can be invoked with shortcuts. There you can also assign shortcuts to these functions, such as Ctrl + P to send a picture to Pinterest. If you don’t want to use particular shortcuts, delete them.

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  1. Google chrome browser is used by almost peoples around the world for web browsing. Not all knows that how to use it properly and unware about its features. You have described all the user friendly features of Google Chrome in a nice way. I really liked the tab bookmarking feature as it helps to easy access our favourite sites in a single click.


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