6 Tap-to-Pay Problems Your Business Should Watch For

Many businesses and customers are adopting tap-to-pay solutions for their numerous benefits. These systems offer a convenient, quick, and hygienic alternative to paying for purchases. They are also secure compared to most traditional payment methods. But just like any other tech innovation, contactless payment solutions pose some possible challenges to businesses. Here’s a look at … Read more →

How A Mobile App Can Help You Grow Your Small Business 

Mobile phones have long gone from just being used to send messages and initiate calls. To date, it has become necessary to keep people connected, informed, and entertained.  More than 83% of the global population own smartphones, translating to 6.6 billion individuals. This figure is almost double from six years ago, when only 3.6 billion … Read more →

The Advantages Of Multiple Payment Gateways

When setting up any kind of online store, you’ll need to have a payment gateway in place. Without it, you can’t accept payments from customers. There are so many different options you can use these days, it’s hard to pick just one. Luckily, you do have the option of using several different ones. Here are … Read more →

Best Mobile Credit Card Processing Systems

Update the way you handle credit card transitions with the latest in mobile credit card processing systems. Find out how a safe system, convenient touchscreen and credit card processing cash discount program can all combine to grow your business. Clover Station 2.0 One of the best mobile credit card processing systems on the market is … Read more →

Payment analytics and personalisation

Payment transactions are a crucial part of business, and more and more organizations have started to compile payment data as a result. The effective use of payment analytics can assist many different types of businesses to gain insights into payment trends as well as revenue and costs.  Payment analytics tools offer a singular and consolidated … Read more →

Ten Best Payment Gateway Providers On Shopify

There is no doubt about the fact that a payment gateway is necessary to authorize transactions and ensure that your customers are able to checkout without hassles. Shopify has made it easy for you to select the perfect payment gateway that suits your business. The reason is that Shopify provides you with a range of … Read more →

Unconventional Way of eCommerce Payment Gateway Card

Presently going towards credit card services and different hidden things about such service, we as a whole should know the basic requirements and needs. In the basic capacity of a credit card option, it can be exceptionally powerful in managing finances, earning rewards on regular costs, and maintaining your income. Without a credit card it … Read more →