9 Real-World Applications of AI in Healthcare

Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has stunned the world with its buried and yet-to-be-found potential. We are headed towards a world which only seemed possible in the imagination of science fiction writers, a world where AI would have transformed the way we live our lives.

Speaking on the industry front, a plethora of AI technology trends are proof of how it is transforming multiple industries for the better. From travel and sports to manufacturing and healthcare, the impact of AI on industries around the world is staggering. Speaking of healthcare alone, the industry is certainly not out of the picture and promises to record some major AI-based enhancements in the coming years.

Take an example of mobile apps for instance. Today, there are various AI-powered applications providing top of the line healthcare services to users on a global scale. These applications have been developed with due care by some of the top healthcare app development companies keeping the user’s needs and preferences in mind.

So, if you’re pondering about the best AI apps to use today, let’s snap out of fiction and have a look at these real-world applications of AI in the healthcare industry.

List of Top 9 Real-World AI Healthcare Apps

Here’s our take on the 9 best AI-powered healthcare apps that are accessible to users all around the world. 

1. Seeing AI

Crafted by the tech giant Microsoft itself, Seeing AI is a perfect example of how technology is expanding its horizon. The app has been specially developed for people who are blind and visually impaired to help them know about their surroundings. Seeing AI uses the phone camera to perform multiple tasks like reading out short texts from anywhere around; identifying a person, color or image; telling the user which currency he/she is using, so much more. 

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2. Ada

An app with a humongous knowledge base and AI engine, Ada is your personalized doctor that takes care of all your medical history while providing healthcare assistance. All users need to do is to download the app, post which, the app asks certain personalized questions about the symptoms you’re getting. Once the assessment is complete, the app automatically prepares a report which highlights the whole summary of the assessment, possible and likely causes of symptoms, etc.    

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3. Aura

Stressing routines call for calm in life, and Aura is just the right app for it. Integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide you a unique experience, Aura understands the user needs and preferences to come up with guided meditation programs that users can perform for a mere window of 3 minutes. The provides tailor-made meditation programs while users track their mood and mood patterns with ease. 

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4. Replika

Tracking your emotional state is one of the key factors when it comes to proper healthcare, and Replika is one such app that beats the odds in helping a person handle his/her emotional state. Perfect for those who long for a companion in life, Replica is an emotive AI chatbot app that performs one-on-one conversations with users using a neural network. Users can chat about anything and the chatbot replies just like a person would normally do, eventually making them feel less lonely. 

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5. Babylon

An app that provides 24/7 healthcare services, Babylon could potentially be your next personalized healthcare assistant. The app has been designed with care and offers various features like 24-hour assistance; option to chat with a doctor; AI-powered health checks; on-demand consultation and a highly reliable symptom checker. 

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6. K Health

Designed by some top healthcare experts, K Health is an app that provides quality medical care at minimal prices. K Health offers users to simply take a 4-5 minute health assessment test to get a detailed and precise diagnosis of why their symptoms are happening. Post which, the app provides assistance on either self-medication or to see a doctor. 

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One of the best apps for people battling any medical issue, ZINI offers virtual assistance to those suffering from any type of mental or physical health issues by taking all the relevant information in the form of a conversation. It is an AI-powered chatbot that fulfills all your medical needs ad requirements. ZINI creates global health IDs for users which can be used anywhere at any time.  

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8. Medicus AI

Designed by a designated team of PHDs and doctors from around the world, Medicus AI is an app that users Artificial Intelligence to encode medical knowledge and the latest medical guidelines to provide the users. It is integrated with features like personalized assessment tests, health insights, recommendations and so much more. The app also allows users to set reminders for their upcoming tests and checkups.  

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9. Your.MD

Last but not the least, Your.MD is an app that is used by millions of people around the world today. It is an app that is integrated with features like symptoms checker, health information provider, health plan setter, an online health marketplace, and a customizable journal. Your.MD is one of those apps classified as class 1 healthcare services providers and protects the health data of the user. 

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Summing Up

While we are sitting on our couches reading such articles, there are engineers in the world preparing to blow our minds further with AI. As for the apps listed above, they are a real-world example of the kind of impact AI is having is bound to have in the near future. These applications not only take care of healthcare services but also provide the necessary emotional support to users suffering from loneliness and anxiety. 

So if you like this article, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or share your views with us on how do you think AI will transform the healthcare industry globally.

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