The rise of online learning during the COVID pandemic

The COVID pandemic had changed the normal lifestyle of people across the globe. People were struggling to survive in this change when the virtual space came to their rescue. With the massive shifts in the status quo across various sectors, technology and the internet became central to our lives. Among other sectors, the education industry made the most use of technology, and online classes became the cornerstone of education. 

While it was an unplanned and rapid move- with limited preparation, training and bandwidth- it still worked wonders and emerged with significant benefits. The integration of the internet and learning further accelerated the education industry.

Benefits of online learning

Online classes make education more flexible and inclusive. They provide vast opportunities to beginners, school and college students and even working professionals. 

The five popular reasons why everyone is betting on online learning are:

1- It supports active learning

Online classes indulge in a lot of active learning practises, unlike the tradition of static and unidirectional lectures. It includes interactive forms of learning like brainstorming, collaborative writing, case-based instructions, conceptual mapping and peer learning. This is especially useful for subjects like computer science or coding, where students are explicitly looking for practical coding help from their teachers or friends. Active learning focuses on the retention of knowledge rather than just knowledge dissemination.

2- It provides an easy accessibility

Online learning has made education accessible to all kinds of students. For students from low-income family groups or migrant students, online learning becomes a lifesaver. A laptop and a stable internet connection are all that you need to access education from the comfort of your home. Hence, online learning provides access to educational opportunities that would not have been otherwise possible.

3- It offers a unique flexibility

Students have embraced the world of online learning due to its ease and flexibility. Many students, particularly college students and working students, need flexibility in their learning schedule. With online learning, they can manage all their commitments according to their convenience without compromising anything.

4- It provides a range of specialization

The COVID pandemic era saw the rise of more and more people upskilling their knowledge to thrive in the changing market. Online learning provides a range of courses and specializations, and there is something for everyone. There seems to be a treasure trove of courses that can be used to learn and upskill your knowledge. 

5- It is cost-effective

Online learning is more economical than traditional learning. The COVID pandemic witnessed numerous job losses and pay cuts, and it became difficult to bear the increasing fees of schools and colleges. With the rise of various e-learning platforms, it became easy to take up courses and learn new skills. It is also cost-effective to take up an online degree course as their fees are almost a tenth of their offline counterparts.

Online learning is here to stay

Online learning is an emerging field with its own set of challenges. However, the varied demand of the learners is sure to keep the industry striving for growth. With online platforms strengthening their infrastructural bases, adding new courses and interactive learning methods, online learning has proven its worth in these trying times of COVID and is here to stay in this competitive marketplace.  

Guest article written by: Kaustubh Saini is an entrepreneur with more than five years of experience in online education. He aims to revolutionize the education industry by bridging the gap between students and teachers and integrating internet technology with learning. 

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